Preschool Art



At His kids Christian Preschool we want school to be a positive experience for your child. We accept children aged approximately 2 year 6 months to 5 years. Our class time is shared together in circle lessons as well as split for some age-appropriate work. Crafts and other hands-on activities are added to enhance and make the experience more enjoyable.



We enjoy bible stories at circle time and work on a new memory verse each month. Christian character and development are stressed within our daily routine and in association with others at school.


Sharing God’s Love

We share God’s love with others by helping those in need in our community.


Music & Movement

Music is very important in your child’s development. We introduce the love for music through rhythm, dance, and instruments with two big productions, one at Christmas and the other at the end of the year.

Art activities are used to explore the children’s imagination and creativity through painting, coloring, and varied mediums.



Our math program is primarily composed of but not limited to number recognition, patterns, and counting. We also introduce the calendar and the seasons as well.



Our pre-handwriting/small motor development time is FUN, with lots of pinching, kneading, cutting, and pencil control. These activities prepare children to enter the world of handwriting and prereading skills. 


History/Social Studies

We celebrate holidays, discussing when and why they were started. Crafts make this learning enjoyable and enhance the students’ understanding of the world around them.



The seasons are explored providing the opportunity to learn about evaporation, for instance, as well as many other daily life experiences. Sometimes the best science lessons come from the play area.  “Why did that pinecone shrink in the pail of water?”