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Welcome to my virtual home. As of now, my home is yet unfurnished. I'm still in the process of moving my personal belongings here (much the same in the real physical space). Still figuring out what to do with my home.

My own self: a Muslim born in state of Perak, Malaysia but was always on the move - primary schools here and hereboarding school, matriculation, undergraduate studies, Mathematical Tripos Part III (stressful), and Ph.D. On coming back, I had slightly more than a year stint at UPM Bintu campus in Sarawak, Malaysia. Now, I'm happily back at the main campus of UPM perhaps until the end of my carreer. My physical home is in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

My family: I am the youngest of seven brothers and sister. Both my father and mother have passed away. One of my brother has also passed away. The rest are all living in the near suburbs of KL.
I'm married to my lovely wife from Segamat, Johor who also happens to be the youngest. We now have four kids, all boys, making one big happy, noisy family. We have also four cats to cheer us up.

What do I do: I teach physics at Dept. of Physics, UPM and do research in theoretical physics particularly on quantization, quantum foundations, quantum information, cosmology, complex networks and related topics. I contribute to the university wherever I can. Normal stuffs are student advisory, plenty of committees. Not so usual stuffs are hosting qfizik website, being Deputy Director, and playing music once in a while.