The Hirst & Kinsman Families originate from West Yorkshire & Devon in England

My family branch immigrated to South Africa in mid to late 1800s, settling initially in Natal and eventually spreading throughout South Africa & into Zimbabwe

When I first embarked on this mission of finding my ancestors and I mean 'mission', I had only one name, my grandfather:  Johnny HIRST which was not even his real name! 

 And now, a whole new world has opened up to me and one that I keep researching to find more information

Yes...You can say I was driven...!  

The beauty of having internet is that you can have an adventure without leaving the comfort of sitting in front of your laptop (I wonder how Columbus would have discovered the Americas had he owned a laptop and what he would think of us arm-chair adventurists?) and exploring all the wonderful websites available to the amateur genealogist?  

Although I did not know any of my HIRST family, I plowed through the information which for the most part did not make much sense but being driven by an invisible ancestor or ancestors, I spend many sleepless nights and exhausted days, doggedly searching and to my surprise...finding! 

There are many people out there whom I have discovered are addicted to family genealogy (like I have become) and not only to their own but will happily offer you help and do look-ups on sites that us South African cannot afford to pay the subscriptions - either in dollars or pounds!  So I say thank you to all of you out there who kept my sagging spirits up and supplied me with the information that made my ancestors come alive and real.  

Most of all I was surprised to find other descendants who had created websites of their families which included mine and was so excited to find other relatives out there...  The one thing really that struck me though was that how I could relate ancestor traits to both me and other family members...?!  

This adventure has helped me to find out who I am and not who I thought I was...!  It helped me to know my father better and also to forgive him for things I could never before understand.  

I dedicate this site to my father, Redvers John Kinsman HIRST, known and Mac or Bunny to family and friends. 

 " I just wish you were still here Dad so I could share it with you on this physical plane, to see the joy on your face and to tell you....I now understand 

For privacy purposes, individuals who have helped with info have not been listed for privacy reasons (unless you want to be?  Let me know via email) but my heartfelt thanks go to all of you (and you know who you are...) who have helped with my research without which, I would never have travelled this far or discovered my treasured roots...

Hirst & Kinsman Family Crests