Peer-refereed Papers are as follows (as of 20190306):

As First author

Papers in English

1. Usui, H., 2019, ​Statistical distribution of building lot depth: theoretical and empirical investigation of downtown districts in Tokyo, Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science. (accepted)

2. Usui, H. and Asami, Y., 2019, Size distribution of building lots and density of buildings and road networks: theoretical derivation based on Gibrat’s law and empirical study of downtown districts in TokyoInternational Regional Science Review. (published online 20190204) (doi: 10.1177/0160017619826270).

3. Usui, H., 2018, Estimation of geometric route distance from its topological distance: application to narrow road networks in TokyoJournal of Geographical Systems, 20(4), 387-412. (published online 20180910) (doi: 10.1007/s10109-018-0276-3)

4. Usui, H., 2018, Statistical distribution of building lot frontage: application for Tokyo downtown districts, Journal of Geographical Systems, 20(3), 295-316. (published online 20180305) (doi: 10.1007/s10109-018-0268-3)

5. Usui, H. and Asami, Y., 2018, Size distribution of urban blocks in the Tokyo Metropolitan Region: estimation by urban block density and road width on the basis of normative plane tessellationInternational Journal of Geographical Information Science, 32(1), 120-139. (published online 20171004) (doi: 10.1080/13658816.2017.1384550)

6. Usui, H. and Asami, Y., 2011, An evaluation of road network patterns based on the criteria for fire-fighting, Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography, Systems, Modelling, Geostatistics, Article 542. (doi: 10.4000/cybergeo.23825)

Papers in Japanese

1. 薄井宏行, 2019, 消防活動困難区域の定義再考,都市計画論文集,54(1),掲載決定.

Usui, H., 2019, Reconsidering definition of fire-inextinguishable areaJournal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, 54(1), forthcoming.

2. 薄井宏行・寺木彰浩, 2018, 建物棟数密度の減少による延焼確率の減少効果 ―正方形敷地の仮定に基づく延焼確率分布の導出及び密集市街地における延焼リスク評価への応用―,都市計画論文集,53(3),pp.1507-1514.

Usui, H. and Teraki, A., 2018, Effect of building density reduction on fire spreading risk reduction -Probability distribution of fire spreading assuming squared building lot and its application to evaluating fire spreading risk in densely built areas-, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, 53(3), pp.1507-1514, (in Japanese). (doi: 10.11361/journalcpij.53.1507)

3. 薄井宏行・樋野公宏, 2018, 継続歩行距離と休憩施設の密度基準 東京駅および大手町駅周辺地区を対象に, 日本建築学会計画系論文集, 83(748), pp.1049-1056.

Usui, H. and Hino, K., 2018, Continuous walking distance and criteria for density of resting places -Application to Tokyo central station and Otemachi station
-Journal of Architecture and Planning, 83(748), pp.1049-1056, (in Japanese). (doi: 10.3130/aija.83.1049)

4. 薄井宏行, 2018, 街区パターンの多様さが街区面積の多様さに及ぼす影響―正方格子状パターンの仮定の緩和―, 日本建築学会計画系論文集, 83(745), pp.475-482.

Usui, H., 2018, Effect of variation of urban block patterns on variation of urban block sizes -Relaxation of square-grid block patterns-Journal of Architecture and Planning, 83(745), pp.475-482, (in Japanese).
 (doi: 10.3130/aija.83.475)

5. 薄井宏行, 2016, 道路幅員の統計分布 ―理論モデルによる推定とその精度―,都市計画論文集,51(3),pp.487-492.

Usui, H., 2016, Statistical distribution of road width -Estimation based on theoretical model and its accuracy-, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, 51(3), pp.487-492, (in Japanese). (doi: 10.11361/journalcpij.51.487)

6. 薄井宏行・浅見泰司, 2014, 敷地間口の分布関数と建物棟数密度 ―閉曲線上におけるポアソンボロノイ領域の長さ分布の応用―, 都市計画論文集, 49(3), pp.579-584.

Usui, H. and Asami, Y., 2014, Distribution function of lot frontage and building density -Application of distribution of length of Poisson Voronoi cells on closed curves-, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, 49(3), pp.579-584, (in Japanese). (doi: 10.11361/journalcpij.49.579)

7. 薄井宏行・浅見泰司, 2013, 敷地の平均奥行の推定とその精度, 都市計画論文集, 48(3), pp.357-362.

Usui, H. and Asami, Y., 2013, Estimation of mean lot depth and its accuracy, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, 48(3), pp.357-362, (in Japanese). (doi: 10.11361/journalcpij.48.357)

8. 薄井宏行・浅見泰司, 2012, 想定する地域形状および道路網パターンの違いが平均間口の算出に及ぼす影響 ―道路延長密度は不変の条件下において―, 都市計画論文集, 47(3), pp.829-834.

Usui, H. and Asami, Y., 2012, Effects of difference of area shape and road network patterns on mean frontage -Under road density being invariable-, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, 47(3), pp.829-834, (in Japanese). (doi: 10.11361/journalcpij.47.829)

9. 薄井宏行・浅見泰司, 2011, 建物後退距離と建物および道路密度, 都市計画論文集, 46(3), pp.829-834.

Usui, H. and Asami, Y., 2011, Setback distance and density of buildings and roads, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, 46(3), pp.829-834, (in Japanese). (doi: 10.11361/journalcpij.46.829)

10. 薄井宏行・浅見泰司, 2010, 建物と道路の近接性判定方法の比較分析, GIS- 理論と応用, 18(2), pp.53-62.

Usui, H. and Asami, Y., 2010, Comparison of accuracy of methods of judging adjacency of buildings to roads, Theory and Applications of GIS, 18(2), pp.53-62, (in Japanese).

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11. 薄井宏行・浅見泰司, 2010, GISを用いた建物敷地の接道判定のための簡便なバッファ距離設定方法, 日本建築学会計画系論文集, 75(651), pp.1175-1180.

Usui, H. and Asami, Y., 2010, Method for determining buffer distance for judging adjacency of lots to roads, Journal of Architecture and Planning, 75(651), pp.1175-1180 (in Japanese). (doi: 10.3130/aija.75.1175)

(Three papers are under review.)

Conferences in English

1. Usui, H., Optimization of building density and road network density: in terms of the variation of building lot sizes and shapes, International Seminar on Urban Form 2019, Nicosia, July 2019. (accepted)

2. Usui, H., Are patterns of vacant building lots random? Empirical study in Chiba prefecture, the suburbs of Tokyo, Urban Transitions 2018Barcelona, November 2018. (acceptance ratio: less than 40%)

3. Usui, H., Comparison of city boundaries based on population density aggregated in census-bureau-imposed units and natural cities of grouping buildings, International Conference on Spatial Analysis and Modeling, Tokyo, September 2018.

4. Usui, H., Statistical distribution for building lot depth, The 2018 EPB Symposium on Urban Systems Design, Tokyo, March 2018. (acceptance ratio: less than 20%)

5. Usui, H. and Asami, Y., Evaluation of the formation of road networks based on fire-extinction criterion, S4 International Conference: Emergence in Geographical Space: Concepts, Methods and Models, Paris, November 2009.

As Co-author

1. 宮川大輝・浅見泰司・樋野公宏・對間昌宏・薄井宏行, 2018, 東京都区部における建物更新の起こりやすさと住環境,都市計画論文集,53(3),pp.1485-1490

Miyagawa, T., Asami, Y., Hino, K., Taima, M., and Usui, H., 2018, Relationship between the occurrence of building renewal and residential environments in Tokyo Wards Area: Focusing on characteristics of building, location, resident, etc.Journal of City Planning Institute of Japan, 53(3), pp.1485-1490, (in Japanese). (doi: 10.11361/journalcpij.53.1485)

2. 増田耕平・貞広幸雄・樋野公宏・薄井宏行, 2018, 植木鉢の表出を促す道路空間の物的環境要因, 日本建築学会計画系論文集, 83(745), pp.447-453.

Masuda, K., Sadahiro, Y., Hino, K., and Usui, H., 2018, Physical environment of alleys for the promotion of potted plants, Journal of Architecture and Planning, 83(745), pp.447-453 (in Japanese). (doi: 10.3130/aija.83.447)

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