Hiroaki Miyamoto

Hiroaki Miyamoto is a Professor of Economics and Business Administration at Tokyo Metropolitan University. Prior to joining Tokyo Metropolitan University, he was an economist in Fiscal Affair Department at the International Monetary Fund. His primary areas of research are macroeconomics, labor economics, and the Japanese economy. He has published articles on labor market dynamics, fiscal policies, and the Japanese economy at various leading journals, including Journal of Monetary Economics and Review of Economic Dynamics. His commentary on the Japanese economy also appears on the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, East Asia Forum, and Nikkei. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Contact Information:


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration; Graduate School of Management

Tokyo Metropolitan University

E-mail: hmiyamoto"at"tmu.ac.jp

Fields of Interest:

Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, and Japanese Economy