Hiromasa Takemura, Ph.D

Researcher (Tenure-track)
1) Center for Information and Neural Networks (CiNet), National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan
2) Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University, Japan

[Award] My abstract submitted at 2nd annual meeting of ISMRM Japanese Chapter received "Outstanding Abstract Award". (2018.2.22)

[Presentation] Poster presentation at 2nd annual meeting of ISMRM Japanese chapter (Feb 22, 2018).

[Talk] Talk at International Symposium on Nanomedicine 2017 (ISNM2017; Scheduled on Dec 14). 

[Talk] Talk at International Workshop at Kyoto University (Scheduled at Oct 13). 

[Article] A research article on the short white matter tract in human parietal cortex (Uesaki et al.) is published online at Brain Structure and Function (2017.9.4). 

[Award] My presentation at ISMRM received Magna Cum Laude Merit Award. (2017.4.24)

[preprint] Uploaded new preprint at bioRxiv. (2017.4.22) 

[Article] A research article on the comparative diffusion MRI study on visual white matter pathways (Takemura et al.) is published online at Cerebral Cortex. (2017.3.23)

[Article] A review paper on the study of visual white matter pathways using diffusion MRI (Rokem et al.) is published at Journal of Vision. (2017.2.15)

[Article] I have uploaded a preprint of ongoing paper in bioRxiv. (2016.8.28)

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