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Title / Affiliation

Assistant professor / University of Tsukuba


okumura.hironori.gm (a) u.tsukuba.ac.jp


1-1-1 Tennoudai Rm. 3F606, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8573, Japan


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My specialties include crystal growth and devise fabrication of wide band-gap semiconductors, in particular for material issues where high crystalline quality and precise impurity control are required to demonstrate new devices.


2012 Ph.D: Engineering, Kyoto Univ.: Short summary and Thesis

2009 M.E: Engineering, Kyoto Univ.

2007 B.E: Engineering, Kyoto Univ.


2018- Assistant professor with tenure, Tsukuba Univ.

2016-2018 Visiting researcher, MIT

2015-2016 Visiting researcher, EPFL

2015-2018 Assistant professor without tenure, Tsukuba Univ.

2014-2015 Postdoc, NTT BRL

2012-2014 Postdoc, UCSB by JSPS Fellow

2010 NCEM user, LBNL by GCOE program

Outreach Activity

2019/08/09 Summer school, Tsukuba

2018/08/12 English chat room, Tsukuba

2018/03/17 Boston Japanese Researchers Forum in MIT, Boston

2016/02/23 Talk with students of Tokyo Univ. in EPFL, Lausanne

2015/09/05 Talk, Incubator, Shinjyuku, "Semiconductors and oversea life"

2014/02/20 6th SOB in UCSB, Santa Barbara

2013 Saga Delegation, Santa Barbara

2013 Nanodays, Santa Barbara

2012 HOPE meeting Jr., Tokyo


2017 Activity Report [Japanese], Mat. Sci. and Adv. Elec., MEXT

2016 Other research Environment [Japanese], J. of Surf. Sci. Soc. of Japan

2013 Interview with JSPS fellow in the US, JSPS Newsletter, Vol 30

2011 学生の声「自己成長の場」 [Japanese], CUE, Vol. 25


[1] "無極性AlN系深紫外LEDの進展と展望", Optronics, 2015/11/11.


2019/03/19 Ohio Univ. "Crystal growth and devices of UWBG"

2018/07/19 Osaka Univ. "Growth & devices of III-Nitrides & III-Oxides"

2018/03/19 UCSB "Ultra wide bandgap FETs"

2017/09/15 Nagoya Univ. "AlN transistors"

2017/09/13 Tsukuba Univ. "Ion implantation to AlN"

2016/04/01 Tsukuba Univ. "Electrical properties of GaN:Mg"

2016/03/30 Tokyo Univ. "GaN:Mg growth toward TJ-VCSEL"

2016/03/29 Kyoto Univ. "Electrical properties of GaN:Mg"

2015/09/14 Aalto Univ. "AlGaN growth by MOVPE and deep-UV LEDs"

2015/08/29 Freiburg (3rd Meeting of JPN young scientists in EU)

2014/11/14 Kyoto Univ. (17th GCOE colloquium) "Experiences at UCSB"

2014/10/21 Tsukuba Univ."AlN and GaN growth by PAMBE"


Ski, Inline Skate, Cycling, Travel, Camping, & Cartoon.

Nationality / Language

Japanese (Osaka) / Japanese and English