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Lexical Analyzer

As a part of my degree course I'm developing a simple lexical analyzer for RELAX NG. I'm developing the analyzer in Perl, a language which I'm not very familiar with.


MOINC (Mora On-line Infrastructure for Network Computing) is my final year project. Myself and nine others are working on it. The objective of the project is to develop an open source platform that enables combining the grid computing model with the Web services technology. The project is a concept of Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, Co-Founder and CEO of WSO2. MOINC platform when completed will comprise of three main components.

  • MOINC server (Java Web services deployment platform)
  • MOINC server management module
  • MOINC client and services runtime

Apache Xerces2/J
As my Google Summer of Code project I'm implemeting XML schema type alternatives for Apache Xerces2/J parser. Project is mentored by Mr. Khaled Knoaman from IBM. Currently I'm researching on XML schema and Xerces2 architecture.

Apache Synapse
I implemented the FIX (Financial Information eXchange) transport module for Apache Synapse, the lightweight Web services mediation platform. The module is based on the Quickfix/J open source FIX engine and currently supports a number of scenarios. The module will be soon available in the WSO2 ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) as well which is a feature rich ESB built on top of Synapse.