3D Graph Explorer

3D Graph Explorer 

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This program features generating surfaces and curves, based on formulae entered in it, and letting the user to browse those surfaces interactively in a 3-Dimensional environment.


  • Plots 3D surfaces/curves entered as parametric/non-parametric functions by the user.
  • Perspective drawing, i.e. objects look bigger when they are nearer.
  • Has optional fog effect.
  • Supports partially transparent colors.
  • Supports a comprehensive list of mathematical functions.
  • Supports creating unlimited number of objects each with its own settings.
  • Automatically creates and displays axes according to your settings.
  • Explore the scene that you have created in real time using mouse or keyboard.
  • Automatically calculates curve length or surface area for each function.
  • Operating System independent since this is a Java application. (Even runs as an applet, but with limited functionality.)
  • Export the image to PNG formatted bitmap. (Not supported in Applet.)


Click here to see some examples of what this can do!

Click here to go to the old homepage - from here you can also run it as an applet.  

Download locations

Click here to run using Webstart.

Click here to download.

Click here to go to get the source from google codes.