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• H1B Visa.


Sr. Compiler engineer at Samsung Austin R&D Center. (Since Feb. 2015)

* Working on performance and code-size optimizations on gcc
  - Loop optimizations, polyhedral framework (graphite), vectorization, feedback directed optimizations, android performance improvements, refactoring gcc backend.
* Working on clang static analyzer in my spare time.
  - Writing checkers, running clang static analyzer on linux kernel, gcc.

Sr. Compiler engineer at Qualcomm. (Sept. 2012 to Feb. 2015)

* Worked on LLVM compiler infrastructure specifically, on the Hexagon Backend.
  - Develop optimization algorithms to improve performance and code-size for Hexagon DSP. Global scheduling, Loops transformations, peephole optimizations, liveness analysis.
* Worked on clang static analyzer to improve checks to help find out potential bugs in C/C++ programs.


* A. Kumar, A. Sutton, and B. Stroustrup, "Rejuvenating C++ Programs through Demacrofication", in Software Maintenance, 2012. ICSM 2012. IEEE Conference on. IEEE, 2012

* A. Kumar, A. Sutton, and B. Stroustrup, "The Demacrofier", in Software Maintenance, 2012. ICSM 2012. IEEE Conference on. IEEE, 2012

* A. Kumar, Sebastian Pop, "SCoP Detection: A Fast Algorithm for Industrial Compilers", in IMPACT 2016, 6th International Workshop on Polyhedral Compilation Techniques.


M.S. in Computer Science, Texas A&M University College Station, Texas
Grad: Dec-2012, GPA: 3.61
Thesis: Static analysis and possible replacements of preprocessor macros in a C++ program.

B.Tech. in Electronics & Communications Engineering, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, India
Grad: May-2007, GPA: 9.23/10


• Programming languages: C++11, C, Java, Perl, Python
• Compilers: LLVM Compiler infrastructure, GCC.
• Libraries: C++ (STL, Boost Graph, Boost wave, Boost lambda, Boost program_options)
• Web: HTML, CSS
• Others: CMake, svn, git, Doxygen, flex, bison, MATLAB


* A C++ library to facilitate random access of data in a file in an efficient way using memory-mapped file I/O facilities in Linux.
* Designed and implemented a lexical analyzer, parser, semantic analyzer, code generator and optimizer (control flow, dataflow, and register allocation) for 'DECAF', a subset of C++ programming language (flex, bison++ and C++).
* Designed and implemented an interpreter for Tiny SQL- a subset of SQL (C++).
* Implemented a branch mis-prediction recovery mechanism for a speculative branch predictor from the paper titled 'A Branch Predictor with New Recovery Mechanism' by Young-Il Cho, Department of Computer Science at University of Suwon.
* An intelligent active vision system using neuro-evolutionary techniques (Java).
* Implemented portions of operating system (virtual memory management, memory manager, low level threading system, file system) using the bochs emulation environment.


Department of Computer Science, Texas A&M University (since Oct-2011)
Job Title: Student Technician
* Static analysis and possible replacements of preprocessor macros in a C++ program.
Paper titled "Rejuvenating Macros as C++11 Declarations", submitted in International Conference on Software Maintenance (2012)
* Extending my thesis work in Google Summer of Code -2012.

Bharat Electronics Limited, Hyderabad, INDIA (Sept-2007 to July-2010)
Job Title: Project Engineer
* Finger Printing System (FPS) - Design and development of FPS application software in C++, testing of the system (group of 20).
* Electronic Support Measure (ESM) System - Design improvement and testing of a pulse descriptor formatter using VHDL (group of 75).
* Implementation of RS232 based customized Signal Generator Controller (for Agilent's Signal Generator) using Visual C++ and 'visa' library.


• Design Using C++, Programming Languages Design, Analysis of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Compiler Design, Computer Architecture, Database Systems, Multi-rate Signal Processing using wavelets, Statistical Computations and Analysis.


• English (Fluent), Hindi (Mother Tongue)

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