The Amazing Race: iTech

The world is a wonderful  place full of different people , ideas, and culture.  As we become a more connected society it is important to learn about,  experience, and embrace theses differences.  The television show The Amazing Race attempts to do this while engaging their contestant in activities that are difficult, collaborative, and  representative of the countries that they are traveling in.  

During this project students will get a sample of this as they work in teams   to create a sequential Amazing Race trip around the world, using Google  Tourbuilder     (using Firefox loaded by Mr. Hurst), that hosts all of the information you studied, and learned, about the different countries your team researches, including cost information as they "purchase" air travel, "book" hotel stays, and plan for local travel  accommodations.

  (TourBuilder is undergoing some transitions.  Click  HERE  for browser support info)  If you don't want to use Google Tourbuilder, you can build in all of the information into Google  My Maps.

Each team member will need to choose 3 countries to research and then visit during this project.  Teams will have to work, and plan, together so that there aren't any repeat countries being researched.  Each team member needs to select:  

In addition to the requirements above:
  • One (1) country must be a  SPANISH speaking country  so you can complete a piece for the project in your Spanish class.
Google Tourbuilder completed that contains:
  • all locations identified
  • fact sheets linked to roadblock locations
  • cost sheet linked to home iTech placemark
  • DST’s linked to roadblock locations
  • Works Cited page linked to home iTech placemark
  • Art product linked
  • Spanish product linked
  • Health/P.E. product linked

Amazing Race: iTech Edition - Green Sheet