In IMPACT! we are going to be studying Mt. St. Helens. Specifically, we are going to be investigating a couple of questions. “What is Mt. St. Helens’ impact on Washington State?”, "How do we live with the mountain?”, and “How has Mt. St. Helens promoted exploration, encounter, and exchange in History.”

This past May marked the 35th anniversary of the 1980 eruption, and I am hoping to tell the stories of our community and how the mountain has become the most import volcano in the world. So many of us have had different experiences with the mountain over the years. Many of you may have lived around the mountain before, during, and after the famous 1980 eruption. Some of you may have been living in other states and experienced the blast in a different way. I have heard many different stories, and find them fascinating. 

Our hope for this project is that some of you would like to share your stories with us as we investigate the questions above. If you are interested in sharing your story with us, it would be fantastic. We are also looking to bring in members from the scientific community so they can give their take on the mountain. Our goal is to conduct and record interviews about the different experiences. Once we conduct our interviews, we will create articles, documentaries, and a website/iBook that tells the story from our community's perspective.

Here is the documentary that a team of studnets created that made it to the Washington State National History Day competition .

IMPACT! - Green Sheet 2015-2016