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"Shelley-Lynne is Naughty and Delicious" Quote by Sugar Blue

Her Fans Call Her Just the Right Amount Of Too Much!!!

When I'm Good, I'm Bad and when I'm Bad I'm at my Best!!! Quote by Shelley-Lynne

After Hip Shakin Mama, Shelley-Lynne, belts out her all-original sets and sheds some feathers with her amazingly talented Leg Men you will know that you have been touched by a very special force in our world! Her songwriting rests in the Blues, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk and Folk. With each song, she and the Leg Men take you on a journey and you have no idea what is coming next! She writes from her heart and takes a huge risk sharing deep, taboo, emotional and truthful aspects of her life. At one moment you will be laughing to her "Rooster Stew" or "Wanker Blues" and the next you are caught up in the Latin fantasy of "She Doesn't Want You." When she delivers her own heart break, her own story of being betrayed by her biological father in the song, "Bigger Man" you will be wrapped around her heart and you won't be able to stop yourself from taking her in your arms and loving this extraordinary songbird!


This lady always gets way more than applause! She lays claim to the stage and the audience has no choice but to love her madly! She has touched many during her career but it’s her songwriting for her album, "Reclaim Your Land” where she shows she is truly doing what she is meant to do.


She has fronted many bands in Canada from Rock to Country. The combination of her and the Leg Men sets all the other bands apart! They truly love very minute of what they do!  She has shared the stage with Take With Audio and The Sheepdogs in July 2011. She has played along side of  JD Edwards, NQ Arbuckle and Romi Mayes to name a few. She has opened for Buffy Saint Marie,  Danny B, Wax Mannequin, and the Weber Brothers.


Shelley Lynne has performed to audiences at home in Canada, over seas in London, England and yearly trips to Mazatlan, Mexico. Her music has been featured on many national and International Radio Stations including: CBC Saturday Night Blues, At the Crossroads radio program, The Bluzndablood Show, Digital Blues on KCOR, KRVM’s Breakfast With The Blues, 92.9 Kick FM’s Beer for breakfast, Romney Marsh FM (UK), Boys in the Basement (UK) and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. She has signed a record deal with BSMF Records in Japan and looks forward to sharing some great music there!


Make sure you get Hip Shakin Mama and the Leg Men on your stage! The audience will be a shaking it and loving what they hear!


“The Hip Shakin' Mama, Shelley-Lynne has outdone herself with an album of love, heartache, and good 'ol fashion soul.”


Jeri James - Westman Journal Review in Germany!

Donnerstag, den 25. August 2011 um 18:44 Uhr Geschrieben von: Bluespfaffe

Shelley LynneSie nennt sich Hip Shakin Mama. Die Sängerin Shelley Lynne aus Kanada zählt zu den neuen Frauen im Blues, die selbstbewußt die Tradition von solchen Powerladies wie Koko Taylor oder Etta James fortsetzen.

"Reclaim Your Land" heißt das Album. Und im Titelsong fordert sie den Mann auf, endlich zu der Beziehung zu stehen. Doch in den anderen Liedern der CD ist oftmals eine Frau zu hören, der es nichts ausmacht, die Männer einzeln mit harschen Bemerkungen auf ihr Normalmaß zurecht zu stutzen. "Wichser" ist da nur eine der Bezeichnungen, die Shelley Lynne alias Hip Shakin Mama findet. "Scheming Little Thief" ist eine andere. Hier ist eine Frau, die sich ihrer Kraft durchaus bewußt ist, die sich nichts vormachen lässt und die genau weiß, was sie will und wie sie es erreichen kann.

Schon als Kind wollte die im kanadischen Edmonton geborene Shelley Lynne singen. Und über  den Schulchor und Instrumentalunterricht von der Grundschule an arbeitete sie seither an der Verwirklichung ihres Traumes. In den 70er Jahren war das. Und ihre Lehrer brachten ihr von Jazz und Blues über Folk, keltische Musik und Pop so ziemlich jeden Musikstil nahe. Und in der Plattensammlung ihrer Eltern fand sie dann noch Elvis und die Klassiker des Country von Johnny Cash bis zu Tanya Tucker. Als sie 14 war, schleußte sie ihr Klavier-Lehrer in Clubs, so dass sie mit seiner Band auftreten konnte. Und mit 16 hatte sie schon ihre erste eigene Rockband namens Lust! Daneben fand sie allerdings noch Zeit, ihr Musikstudium fortzusetzen und einen Abschluss als Sängerin zu bekommen.

Das ist allerdings schon eine Weile her. Und es ist verwunderlich, dass so eine Power-Röhre wie ihre so lange nicht auf Platten zu hören war. Denn "Reclaim Your Land" ist ein Debüt-Album. Die Lieder sind sämtlich von ihr oder den Mitgliedern ihrer Band "The Leg Men" geschrieben und decken eine Bandbreite vom klassischen Chicago-Blues über Latin-Einflüsse bis hin zum swingenden Rhythm & Blues ab. Und das tun sie auf einem Niveau, dass es einen zeitweise fast umhaut. Da sind keine Unsicherheiten im Songwriting oder den Interpretationen zu spüren, die man Debütantinnen oder Debütanten gerne nachsehen würde. Nein - so selbstbewußt kraftvoll wie die Texte sind auch die Kompositionen. Und Hip Shakin Mama & The Leg Men finden damit ohne Probleme ihren Platz in der Bluesszene der Gegenwart. Irgendwo in der Nähe von Sängerinnen wie Janiva Magness wird man sie in den nächsten Jahren sicherlich häufiger nennen. Jedenfalls wenn sie ihren hier eingeschlagenen Weg konsequent fortsetzen.





Hip Shakin' Mama CD release (by Jeri James)

(originally published June 29, 2011 by The Westman Journal - reprinted with permission.

You may have noticed throughout these last few years that I rarely critique an album when doing a review. Although it is partly due to the fact that I tend to be pretty positive about music and creativity, the truth of the matter is I am selective before I choose to feature an artist in my articles. 90% of the time I write about bands I've already seen and albums I've already listened to and truly enjoyed. My writing comes from a place of enthusiasm for live music and appreciation of musicians, and as a result I make sure that I will be smiling, dancing, and if alone...singing as I sit down to write. Much to the dismay of my neighbors, this album had me doing all three.

The Hip Shakin' Mama, Shelley-Lynne Hardinge has outdone herself with an album of love, heartache, and good ol' fashioned soul. You may have seen Shelley when she fronts the Blues group The Majestics, and if you've seen her, you most definitely have heard her. Pipes that rattle your bones and a tone that could make singing a phone book sound like the sexiest words you have ever heard. Luckily for us Shelley-Lynne discovered that she had the ability to create some pretty powerful lyrics when she set her mind to it.

A few years ago Shelley-Lynne was featured with an assortment of incredible Manitoban singers on the Women in Blues album. The collection included cover tunes, which it turns out is rather expensive when you are shelling out coin for royalties. The ladies got to talking and had decided that next time around they were going to do all originals. This posed a slight problem for The Hip Shakin' Mama as until that point she had never written a song.

Someone was looking down from above, because it was like a spark was lit inside and the songs came bursting to the page. Shelley-Lynne went from zero to hero in an instant and now every time I see her a new song or 10 have been written and they just keep coming.

The album "Hip Shakin' Mama and The Leg Men: Reclaim Your Land" is a compilation of the songs Shelley-Lynne wrote after the Women in Blues experience. Although she has written a few albums worth since, these are the beginnings of prairie magic. Featuring the talents of: Gerry Perkin on Guitar, Adrian Kuryliw on Bass, Rob Lamonica on Keys and B3, Phil Nevile on Keys, Dave Oakey on Harmonica, Doug Sullivan on Drums and Shelley's main man, Richie Hardinge on Bass.

The Leg Men have provided the outstanding backdrop for the delicious lyrics and salutary voice coming from shelley-Lynne. The 11 track album goes from the free range frolics of a crow of a man in Rooster Stew to an ode of love to her Funkalicious Sugar Blue.

My personal favorite, "She Doesn't Want You" was inspired by a dream and has the men drooling and the women dancing. A woman dancing to the Latin sounds, "She shakes her hips and pulls me closer...I know that you like watching, but she doesn't want you." I found myself unable to resist the music, dancing by myself last night as I listened to Shelley rehearse with the "next generation" of Brandon band boys. It seems that seven men are just not enough for the Hip Shakin' Mama, now she has brought in the "too damn young, and too damn pretty" group of musicians to the mix. I'm sure I will be writing about them with the next album release but for now Shelley-Lynne will be bringing the Leg Men with her to Lady of the Lake.

The album release party for "Reclaim Your Land" (farming never looked so good, or sounded so sexy) on Friday, July 8th at Lady of the Lake. Don't miss out on the busty Blues queen - she'll captivate you with just one note!