Reservation terms

Reservation terms

General reservation terms:

The following terms are used. These terms are binding to both sides and ensure a flexible cooperation. These terms will be implemented after the customer has paid the reservation fee (100 euros/week). The reservation is conclusively confirmed when the customer has paid the rest of the rent before or on the due date. If the payment has not arrived 5 days after the due date we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

Arriving at the Cottage:

You can get the key to the Cottage from the Key Service located on the way to the Cottage. You will get the address and the phone number of the Key Service when you make the reservation. Note that you must have some form of identification with you when you retrieve the key.

Reservation is normally from Saturday to the next Saturday. If the reservation time is different, arrival and departure times will be agreed upon case-by-case.

At the Cottage:

The Cottage is available from 4:00 pm on the arrival day until 10:00 am on the day of departure. Normal weekend reservation is from Friday 4:00 pm to Sunday 10:00 pm. Rent includes tableware, beddings (no bed sheets) and electricity (for cooking, heating and lighting).

The cottage is to be used only by the persons mentioned when making the reservation. Camping with tents or a mobile home is not allowed.

The customer is obligated to compensate for damages caused during the renting period.

The customer must clean the cottage before leaving and returning the key. It is also possible to reserve cleaning services beforehand (with a separate price). The landlord has a right to charge the customer afterwards if cleaning has not been done or if it is done poorly. In such cases the cleaning is bought from a local company and all charges are billed to the customer.

Take a note

Hippu: Pets are not allowed in the Cottage! Also smoking is forbidden inside the Cottage!

Kimpale: Pets are not allowed in the Cottage! Also smoking is forbidden inside the Cottage!


For all reclamations please contact the landlord directly as soon as possible (+358 405 110 507).

Cancellation terms:

You can cancel your reservation by phone or by e-mail. If cancellation takes place at least 5 weeks prior to the reserved renting period, all money will be refunded except for the reservation fee. If the cancellation takes place at least 2 weeks before renting time, you will be refunded ½ of money paid. If we are able to rent the cottage to a third party member for the reserved time, all money except for the reservation fee will be paid back.

If the cancellation happens because of serious illness, an accident or a reason which are comparable to these reasons, we will refund all the money except for the reservation fee. In such cases we need a medical certificate or equivalent delivered to us maximum two weeks after the cancellation. Cancellation must take place immediately and before the rental time begins.

Our rights to cancel your reservation:

We have the right to cancel your reservation for the following reasons: Force Majeure (all money paid back including the reservation fee) If the customer has not paid the rent by the due date.

Have a nice Vacation!