Reservation terms

Terms of booking and payment

General booking terms

 The following terms are used. These terms are binding for both sides to ensure a flexible cooperation. These terms will be implemented after the customer has paid the booking fee. The booking is conclusively confirmed when the customer has paid the full rent before the due date. The booking can be cancelled by the owner without a separate notification if the payment has not arrived five days after the due date.

Time and subject of booking

 The subject of booking is one or both sides of the Hippu and Kimpale cottage, located at Isommuksenkuja 1, Äkäslompolo. The apartment is at the use of the client for the duration stated in the booking confirmation. The check-in time for week reservation is on Saturday at 16:00 and check-out on the next Saturday at 10:00. Custom lenght of the stay, check-in and check-out times can be arranged with individual agreenment.

Terms of reservation, payment and cancellation terms

 The client has to be over 18-years old at the time of the booking. The client receives an email containing information for paying the advance payment and the rent. The booking is confirmed when the advance payment is made. The advance payment must be paid within seven days after making the reservation. The final payment must be paid latest five weeks before the booked period begins. In case there is less than five weeks until the beginning of the booking the rent must be paid with one payment, immediately after the booking has been made. The booking can be cancelled if either of the payments has not been paid by the due date. A paid advance payment will not be refunded.

 The cancellation must be made in written form (via e-mail). The cancellation is done when the owner of the apartment has been notified. If the cancellation takes place more than five weeks before the start of the booked period, the price of the stay minus the advance payment will be returned to the client. If the cancellation takes place less than five but more than two weeks before the start of the booked periodn, half of the whole rent will be returned. If the cancellation is made less than two weeks before the start of the booked period no payments will be refunded.

 If the cancellation is made due to serious illness, accident or death of the client or anyone from the group staying in the apartment, the full rent will be returned. The apartment owner has to be informed of the cancellation immediately and before the reserved period begins. The client must prove the cause of the cancellation with a medical certificate or in other credible way within 14 days after the cancellation.

 The owner has a right to cancel the reservation before it starts in case of a Force Majeure (e.g. water damage, fire, vandalism, storm damage). In this case the owner is obligated to inform the client of the cancellation immediately and the client has the right to regain the whole paid amount. The owner is not liable for any other costs that the client may have due to the cancellation.

 The owner has a right to cancel the reservation if either the advance payment or the rent has not been paid by the due date.


 The key for the apartment will be handed for the client from a key service. The client will receive the contact information of the key service when the reservation is made. The client must prove their identity when retrieving the key. The client will get the key on the arrival date at 16:00 and it has to be handed over by 10:00 on the departure date, unless custom check-in and check-out times have been agreed on beforehand.

 The client is responsible for any costs due to forgetting keys inside the apartment.

 If the key is lost the expenses for changing the locks and new keys will be charged fully from the client.

Stay at the apartment:

 The apartment rent includes furniture, cook- and diningware, normal energy costs (heating, cooking and lighting), mattresses, blankets, pillows and cleaning equipment. Bed linen, towels, kitchen- and toilet paper are not included in the rent.

 The number of people accommodating at the cottage must not exceed the reported limit. Camping in tents or a trailer on the premises is not allowed.

 Pets are not allowed in the apartment, if not agreed otherwise with the owner.



 During winter time the owner is responsible for plowing the snow where it can be done by machinery. The client is responsible for cleaning the stairs and walking paths and uses those at their own risk.

 The client is responsible for cleaning the apartment (taking out the garbage, vacuuming, dishwashing, cleaning dirt and blemishes, putting the belongings back into place and making the beds) during the stay. The final cleaning up is to be done with the given equipment and following the cleaning instructions found in the cottage folder. The final clean up can also be ordered beforehand from a cleaning service. Washing the dishes, putting dishes and belongings back into place and taking out the trash are not included in the bought clean up. The client has to take any empty bottles, cans and foods with them when they leave. The apartment and the yard around it are to be in appropriate condition when the reserved period ends.

 If the final clean up has not be done and it hasn't been ordered, the owner has a right to charge the customer a cleaning fee consisting of all the costs related to the cleaning of the apartment.

 The owner of the apartment is not responsible for any gear left in the apartment. Sending forgotten items will be charged from the client depending on the occasion.


 The client is obligated to immediately inform and compensate straight to the owner for damages done to the apartment, movables, owner, surroundings or third party resulting from the clients actions or negligence. The client is also responsible for any damages that occur after their stay that result from their actions or negligence during their stay. The owner is not responsible to compensate the client for any damage they might have during their stay.

Cottage folder

 Cottage folder contains information regarding the apartment. The clients shall familiarize theirselves and attend the information.


 Any complaints regarding the equipment or condition of the apartment shall be done immediately straight for the owner. If the client has not informed the owner of the deficiencies during their stay the apartment is considered to be in in the condition stated in the agreenment.

 Because of the location of the cottage the client has to be prepared for wildlife and natural phenomena. The owner is not liable or give refunds for color-, taste-, or smell changes of the tap water, power outages, tv- or internet outages, harm caused by wildlife or similar reasons.

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