Kimpale booking

Weekly prices

Weeks 1-2 670
Weeks 3-7 350
Weeks 8-11 670
Weeks 12-15 730
Week 16-17 750
Weeks 18-34 350
Weeks 35-39 450
Weeks 40-50 350
Weeks 51-53 670

How to book

Reservations can be made by phone or by e-mail. When you decide to reserve the Cottage we will send a reservation bill to you. When you have paid the reservation fee of 100 Euros you have confirmed your reservation. The rest of the rent must be paid 5 weeks prior to the rental time. If the period between the reservation and renting time is shorter than 5 weeks, the whole rent should be paid at once. 
The person who is renting the Cottage must be over 18 years old.