The Lifestyle of a Rapper

Money, Cars, Clothes, Women, and Violence
     The lifestyles we see rappers living on TV include alot of materialistic things, and sometimes even explicit situations. Their music sometimes contains explicit lyrics. Music Videos can contain violence, and even nudity in some cases. Are these things the reason we accuse rappers of being horrible people? Well take some time to think before you act and decide to place the blame on them because they are the easy target because there are many other people who should be held accountable for the bad things that happen in today's society.
     Money, cars, clothes, women, and violence are content used in by rappers in their music for a reason. A female college student was asked how she felt about the sexual content in music videos and her response was "It has become socially acceptable...besides is people don't want their youth to see it then they should not let them". She is exactly right. This is what America wants to see. A business analyst, who is also the mother of three children was asked how she believed hip-hop has affected America and her response was "I don't think it has. I think America has affected it. With our change in values and our treatment of each other. I think hip-hop is just another representation of what America has become". She makes a good point people, if you haven't realized by now sex, money and other things that are appealing to the viewer is what is being consumed by America. Therefore if America is unhappy with what they are seeing in hip hop its citizens only have themselves to blame because they entertain these ideas by wanting to buy see and hear the things in hip hop, At the end of the day the rappers are only doing their job just as other entertainers do and nothing more so they can't be blamed or looked down on.

Explicit Content in Music made FOR ADULTS