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Hip Hop websites are more ephemeral than your average website. If you find a broken link, please let us know.


Does Hip Hop Hate Women?
Saturday, April 28, 2007 — University of Chicago Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture
Feminism and Hip Hop Conference
Thursday, April 7-Saturday, April 9, 2005 — University of Chicago Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture
Hip Hop and Social Change
October 3-4, 2003 — Field Museum, Chicago, IL
Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes
Friday, April 27, 2007 — University of Chicago Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture
Political Action and Social Responsibility in Hip-Hop
April 13-17 — Oberlin College


Alpha-n-Omega Online Magazine
Part of the Underground Hip Hop Ring
Black Arts Quarterly
published by Stanford University's Committee on Black Performing Arts.
a music review site hosted by the Archives of African American Music & Culture (AAAMC) at Indiana University
Tha Hip Hop Connection
News, columns, videos and more
Hottest Hip-hop online
Vibe Magazine online
XXL magazine
is a relatively new magazine that covers hip hop with interesting articles



The 88 Hip Hop Channel -- Pseudo Online Network
Akili's Hip-Hop Headquaters
"The world's most dangerous site" according to the web site
Breakdancing Clubs at Google
James Madison University 's Breakdancing Club
The New Chop Shop
Danny Hoch
Danny Hoch won an OBIE award for his solo show Some People at Performance Space 122 and the Joseph Papp Public Theater in 1994.
DavyD's Hip Hop Corner
a good introductory page
Deep Dickollective
Home of gay hip-hop artists Tim'm T. West (25 percenter) and others.
Fünkdamental Records
independent hip hop label from Madrid (Spain), ther you can find music, videos, bios, etc.
a good place to hear D/DC's music and read "the latest news and articles."
Gay hip-hop links
Here's some links around the web about gays and hiphop. This is where to look for info about gay and lesbian rappers.
Hip Hop 101
Oberlin College student group devoted to maintaining a diverse representation of Hip Hop on the Oberlin College campus. Sponsors a bi-annual Hip Hop conference in hopes of starting an ongoing dialogue of issues surrounding the Hip Hop community."
The Hip Hop Archive
Harvard University
Hip Hop Congress
The Hip Hop Congress uses the culture of Hip Hop to inspire young people to get involved social action, civic service, and cultural creativity. Info on the national organization, local chapters, artists, a webzine & more
Hip-hop Linguistics
an underground-based hip-hop website and online hip-hop magazine created to give hip-hop heads a portal into the positive, conscious, and thought-provoking hip-hop ignored by mainstream media outlets and web sites.
The Hip-hop Nerd
Hip-hop Pow
Hip-hop news, dance, honeys, video, music, and more
Hip-hop theater festival
Hip hop record labels
a list of over two thousand Hip-Hop record labels from allrecords.com
Homo Homies
Queers with attitude kick open the hip-hop closet
Hyphy - San Francisco Bay area hip-hop style
Wikipedia article
"Tell me when to go! Hyphy: The Oakland music craze that's sweeping the nation" (KPIX TV video article)
Karter Louis
Prince of hip-hop/Soul
Knowledge magazine
The online version of the UK's specialist magazine for drum & bass, jungle, hip hop, breaks and street culture.
Mc Lyte
hip-hop performer
Wikipedia article
Neblina Records
Hip-hop internet label. "Neblina records is a new type of hip-hop label, . . . based . . . on the internet." (From the website)
Om Records
Our goal is not only to produce the highest quality music, but is to deliver to a global audience music which inspires personal creativity and social awakening.
Other Heads on the Web with Hip Hop Pages
Now an angelfire site with annoying pop-unders.
Rainbow Flava
San Francisco's original queer hip-hop crew
Support Online Hip-hop
"the finest specialty hip-hop catalog on the planet."
Best overall hip-hop site according to Rolling Stone magazine
Terrelonge Records
provides music production, artist signing, management, songwriting, and public relations services.
Urban Think Tank,Inc.
a community-based home for a body of thinkers, committed to repositioning Hip Hop culture by providing platforms that encourage public discourse



Listserv: hiphop-request@ai.mit.edu.
Newsgroup: rec.music.hip-hop

Related groups:

Turntablism List turntablism-request@ai.mit.edu
The Turntablism List was started to offer a platform for people to discuss turntablism.
More specifically, to discuss scratching and juggling techniques, equipment, and the culture surrounding turntablism.
Keystyles List: hiphop-keystyles-request@ai.mit.edu
This list is for the discussion of freestylin' and MCing in general. It is also permissible to drop "transcripts" of freestyles (known as keystyles). In general this is a place for the constructive interchange of ideas about freestylin', rhyming techniques, MCing and all that. In other words, it is to rappin' what turntablism is to DJing.
Bizness List hiphop-biz-request@ai.mit.edu
This list is about the discussion of the business end of hiphop, including getting record contracts, lawyers, starting a label, getting signed, producing, starting and running a magazine and anything else you can think of.



Rap/Hip-hop Artists
from The Bomp Bookshelf

The Broadcaster file
the novice guide to hip hop and the Swedish hip-hop history
About.com article
allhip-hop.com feature
Wikipedia article

Topic - Hip-Hop Music & Culture

The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary
Hip-hop and rap resources
compiled by Andrew Leach
Hip-hop directory.com
Audio sites, clubs and events, online magazines and more
Hip-hop research portal
A database designed to collect records supporting the research needs of those studying Hip Hop culture. The four 'elements' of Hip Hop culture include MC's, D.J’s, Break dancing , and Graffiti.
The Hiphop Archive Portal's mission is to facilitate and encourage the pursuit of knowledge, art, culture and responsible leadership through Hiphop
a Washington DC based non-profit serving the youth of America, includes the Journal of Hip-Hop, a journal to critique and advance Hip-hop culture
Hip Hop Research Guide (.pdf file)
Courtesy of Tiffeni J. Fontno, Librarian
Hiphop Scholar
A forum for people to participate in the preservation of Hiphop Culture, includes "[i]nsightful essays, poetry & reviews from Hiphoppas from the global community offering various critical perspectives."
OHHLA.com: Original Hip-Hop (Rap) Lyrics Archive
Talk Culture lyrics list
Yahoo's Entertainment:Music:Genres:Rap and Hip Hop
Zulu Nation
Biographies, Hip-Hop history and more. Be careful, some of the links to the top level page do not work



African Hip Hop
Sound World (Australia)
Deutschland Hip Hop
Nederhop Webring
Dutch language webring
Italian Hip hop
I.T.N. The Italian Turntablism Newsletter
Italian language
Norwegian Hip Hop
Spanish language hip hop links
Hip Hop Yaik



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