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This page sets out the Copyright and Terms of Use for this website and all related websites, pages, and content.  A copy of this page is repeated on each of the websites.

Aim & Objective

This website aims to disseminate knowledge and understanding of HINXMAN Family History

Its objective is to enhance free public access to relevant stories, information and pictures.  This is to:

-  Assist HINXMAN descendants worldwide in accessing their unique heritage

Spread public awareness of the history of the HINXMAN family, and of our predecessors the Henxmen; and

Assist the long-term survival of the component text and illustrations, by encouraging multiple sharing and copying for non-financial purposes.

Full copyright is reserved. 
A copyright notice is included at the foot of each webpage, and in the legend for each illustration.

The author of this website Richard HINXMAN, and his licensors, retain the title, ownership and all other rights and interests, to the whole website and all its components, including its subsidiary or satellite websites, constituent webpages, text, illustrations and all other content (the ‘Content’).

The intent of this is not to restrict use, but is quite the opposite.  It is to safeguard free & continuing public access to all Content of the website.  The aim is to prevent others from claiming copyright in our HINXMAN Family History, and thereby to prevent them from restricting the use, or charging for access and copying, of any Content. 

Illustration:  Fanny HINXMAN's Writing Desk.  1812.  For picture details, see footnote.

Your use of this website is therefore subject to Terms of Use. 

These are shown below under 4 headings: Restrictions, Permission, Conditions, and High Quality Images.  Please respect the spirit, as well as the detail, of these Terms of Use.  If in doubt, please ask.

You may NOT:
  • Copy or use any of the Content for any kind of financial gain.
  • Copy the whole website, nor the whole of any subsidiary or satellite websites.

Subject to the above restrictions, and to the following conditions, you MAY:
  • Access, download, copy and re-publish parts of the Content for any non-financial private or public purpose, including study or academic use, at no charge.

The above permission is granted solely on the following CONDITIONS:
  • You must retain with that Content the source details supplied on this website, including any pertinent copyright notice, licence notice, and URL (web address) for the specific Content concerned.
  • If re-publishing any of the Content, you must append in each case the source details supplied on this website, including any pertinent copyright notice, licence notice, and URL (www.hinxman.org) connecting to the HINXMAN Hub, or the URL of the specific Content concerned

High Quality Images
High quality images are not available for direct download from this website.  However, copies of detailed digital images, or high quality prints made from them, may be provided upon request for many of the illustrations. For these, the following additional conditions apply:
  • A contribution (licence fee) is normally requested, to cover the costs of production and to contribute to the costs of researching and disseminating our HINXMAN Family History.
  • All high quality images are issued on a limited single-use licence, forbidding re-sale or distribution in any form, to any third parties.
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Fanny HINXMAN's Writing Desk
Detail from a painting of John HINXMAN (1784-1847), his mother Fanny HINXMAN née MARNER (c.1759-1789), & his father John HINXMAN (c.1759-1844).
The hands of Fanny HINXMAN, holding manuscript papers, rest on a desk bearing a double inkwell (containing a writing quill), with a brass carrying handle and 2 brass blotter/lids.

Detail from group portrait.  Watercolour, pen and coloured inks on card.  Adam BUCK (1759-1833).  1812.  John HINXMAN & Parents.  London, England.  Private collection.  Public domain.  See Terms of Use.