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This page is the noticeboard for new and topical developments on HINXMAN Family History - especially involving these websites.

News is always welcome of any HINXMAN family stories or heirlooms, for careful recording.  Click on Contact, if you have news of these to share.

2015 Events
Details of events in 2015, related to HINXMAN Family History.

31 Jan 2015 - 16 Jan 2016   Exhibition:   Waterloo at Windsor 1815-2015

2015 is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and the defeat of Napoleon.  Throughout 2015, this ticketed exhibition offers a themed trail through the State Apartments at Windsor Castle (where Edward Henxman was granted arms in 1549).  The exhibition comprises a display of prints, drawings and archival material exploring the battle and its aftermath. 
Click on Waterloo at Windsor to open a new window with more details.

Within the exhibition, in a section titled Remembering Waterloo, is an exhibit titled Last Survivors of Waterloo at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, 1880.  This is a photographic albumen print dated June 1880, attributed to Charles John HINXMAN (1841-1889), of the Titchfield branch of the family. 

Charles spent his career working as a Clerk in the Commander in Chief''s Office, at Horse Guards, Whitehall, London, England. 

He was also a keen amateur photographer, capturing on film various public scenes across the capital.  Some of his work (including the one exhibited) was purchased by Queen Victoria, and is now in the Royal Photographic Collection.  Some further examples of his photographs are now held in the National Archives at Kew, London.

Charles John HINXMAN (1841-1889)
Photocopy of a monochrome Carte de Visite.  Probably a self portrait.  Charles John HINXMAN.  Circa 1886.  London, England.  Private collection.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

16 Jul - 04 Oct 2015   Exhibition:   An Elegant Society - Adam Buck, artist in the age of Jane Austen    Now Closed

This exhibition, at the Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology, Oxford, England, was open to the public during the summer of 2015.

Adam BUCK is the artist who painted family portraits for the brothers John & Richard HINXMAN, of the Titchfield branch.  Coinciding with the launch of these websites, the HINXMAN portraits (each with its own special significance in BUCK’s impressive body of work) were included – and illustrated – in a book accompanying the Ashmolean’s exhibition.  The original portraits themselves were not exhibited on this occasion, due to practical considerations. 

Dr Jon WHITELEY, Emeritus Curator of Western Art at the Ashmolean Museum, states that the HINXMAN portraits ‘are both most interesting and exceptional works, and deserve a place of honour in the book.’  

Titled Regency Buck, by Peter DARVALL, this is the first ever published about the life and work of Adam BUCK.  It is available from the Ashmolean Museum Shop for £20.00.
  Click on The Adam Buck Portraits to open a new window about these family paintings.

Richard HINXMAN (c.1786-1834) & Family
Watercolour, with pen and coloured inks on card.  Adam BUCK.  1816.  Richard HINXMAN & Family.  London, England.  Private collection.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

2015 Anniversaries
A selection of this year's HINXMAN Family History anniversaries, with links to pages where you can find out more.

c. 01 Dec 1565   450 years ago:   Abolition of the Henxmen
‘Her Highnes hathe of late, wherat some doo moche mvel, dissolved the auncient office of the Henchemen.’

Francis ALEN.  11 Dec 1565.  Letter to the Earl of Shrewsbury.  Talbot Papers.  Volume E.  Folio 189. 
Also in:  Edmund LODGE.  1791.  Illustrations of British History, Biography & Manners, etc.  Volume I.  Page 358.  Nicol.  Pall-Mall, London, England.  Collection of Richard HINXMAN.

Queen Elizabeth I’s abolition of the post of Henxman in the Royal Household may not seem much of a cause for celebration.  But it opened the way for former Henxmen to use their job title as a surname, and thus led to the creation of our HINXMAN family name and identity. 
Click on Beginnings for more details.

16 Nov 1815   200 years ago:
  Spirit in Adversity
The birth of a boy with a distinctive name, who would achieve much, lose much, and be remembered and commemorated for generations.
Click on Spirit in Adversity to read an overview of the fast-moving life and loves of John Donniger HINXMAN (1815-1864), Wine & Spirit Merchant – and possible smuggler. 

Circa 1915   100 years ago:   The Lonely Dog
A small dog died – the cause of a lot of trouble, a lot of love, and a very soulful portrait which is now a treasured family heirloom.

Click on The Lonely Dog
for the
touching tale of how the friendship between Frederick DOWLING (1852-1927) and his dog overcame all difficulties - and led to a sad and poignant animal portrait.

The Lonely Dog (c.1903-c.1915)
Portrait in oils on canvas.  Unknown artist.  Circa 1905.  The Lonely Dog.  England.  Collection of Richard HINXMAN.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

16 Aug 1915   100 years ago:   An Industrious Artist
The husband of a HINXMAN bride designed and produced beautiful copies of Edward Henxman’s 1549 coat of arms, to give to family members who attended their wedding.

Click on An Industrious Artist discover the life of ‘Bert’ RINGHAM (1862-1941), including the story of his version of the HINXMAN Coat of Arms, which still remains the best. 

Recent Finds
News of HINXMAN Family History discoveries made in recent years

The Adam BUCK Portraits

The HINXMAN family portraits, by Regency artist Adam BUCK, are some of the most treasured heirlooms of the Titchfield branch.

The paintings and frames have been extensively researched, examined, and digitally imaged during recent conservation work.

This has revealed new information about their symbolism, significance, history and detailed descent through the HINXMAN family.
To discover their full story, click on The Adam BUCK Portraits and subsequent web pages.

John HINXMAN (1784-1847) & Parents
Family group portrait.  Watercolour, plus pen and coloured inks, on card.  Adam BUCK.  1812.  John HINXMAN & Parents.  London, England. 
Private collection.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

New!   Website Pages
Links and details of the latest pages launched on the HINXMAN Family History websites. 

In 2015, ALL the pages here are new – so there’s lots to explore!  Here’s a couple of topics suggested for your special attention:


This one signposts other pages, that may be helpful in choosing baby names for HINXMAN descendants. 
They make interesting reading for other descendants too: you’ll discover family trends and traditions, and maybe learn more about your own name as well!  Click on HINXMAN Names to check out the many traditions and choices.

Salt in Our Blood
This page focuses on the HINXMAN of Titchfield branch, and their links with the sea.  The themed page highlights many members of the family with a salty connection – often with interesting stories attached.  Links to more detailed pages are provided, and further pages are being planned. 
Click on Salt in Our Blood to discover more.

Yacht Moyana
Watercolour on paper, glued to fibreboard.  F. H. BOND.  Circa 1950.  Yacht Moyana.  Warsash, Hampshire.  Collection of Richard HINXMAN.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

Major Projects
Updates on large or long term projects related to HINXMAN Family History.

Henxmen Sources

The HINXMAN Hub website
already provides an overview of our predecessors, the mediaeval Henxmen
on HINXMAN Roots, and The Henxmen, to explore these.

But a further project has now commenced, to publish transcripts of all known source materials regarding the Henxmen – well over 100 original records in all.  This will be the first time that all known sources on the Henxmen have been published in one location, providing a unique and detailed overview.  The data will be published via a dedicated, linked website, allowing descendants to gain the fullest possible picture of our ancestors’ lives, and facilitating further study. 

Research and preparation for the Henxman Sources website commenced in late 2015, and publication details will be announced on this page. 
Further dedicated satellite websites are planned to follow!

Shield of Edward Henxman, alias Le Henchman - Gentleman.
Detail from Coat of Arms.  Frank 'Bert' S. RINGHAM.  Lithographic print.  16 Aug 1915.  HINXMAN Coat of Arms.  Private limited edition.  Bristol, England.  Collection of Richard HINXMAN. 
Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

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