Guide to Pages relating to the HINXMAN Surname and Personal Names

This page acts as a signpost, providing links to all other HINXMAN Family History pages that focus on our surname and personal names. 

Search Facility
Don't forget the search facility, at top right of every HINXMAN Family History page.  If you'd like to see whether a name is mentioned, just enter it into the box and click on 'Search all HINXMAN History sites'.  Any pages containing that name should then be flagged up for you.

Henxmen Names
For a table listing all known surnames and personal names of our mediaeval Henxmen predecessors, click on Henxmen Names.  Don't miss the special footnote on Edward Henxman, the best known of them all!

Surname Spellings
To find out more about the varied spellings of our HINXMAN surname and related names, click on Surname Spellings.

For a discussion of whether - or not? - our surname is related to the town of Hinx, in south-west France, click on Links to Hinx.

Personal Names
For an overview of common naming practices, click on Personal Names.

This page is particularly helpful in choosing baby names for HINXMANs and their descendants.  It can be helpful, and interesting, to know something of our family’s past naming traditions, to inform future choices.  Or you can always start your own!

But this page makes interesting reading for other descendants too: you’ll discover family trends and traditions, and maybe learn more about your own name as well!
It includes sections on naming for reasons of Tradition, Esteem, and Fashion, plus a section on Middle Names.  Each section is illustrated with actual examples from various branches of the HINXMAN family.

HINXMAN of Titchfield

The following webpages refer solely to the Titchfield branch of the family:

-  Click on Titchfield Names for a discussion of the popular male and female names, and naming traditions, of this branch.
-  Click on Male Names f
or a table listing every male name in this branch, by generation. 
   This shows order of occurrence, frequency, longevity, total numbers, and popularity ranking.  A summary is also provided.

-  Click on Female Names for details as above, regarding every female name (born plus married) in this branch.

-  Click on The Curious Name of Donniger for a closer look at the unusual and distinctive middle name of Donniger, its origin and its spread.

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  • Click on The Henxmen to find out more about the members of the mediaeval Royal Household, from whom we get our surname.
  • Click on HINXMAN Branches to explore the various branches of the HINXMAN family.
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John Donniger HINXMAN.  1816.
He was the first to receive the unusual middle name of Donniger - and started a family tradition which has continued to the present day.

Detail from a family group portrait.  Watercolour, plus pen and coloured inks, on card.  Adam BUCK (1759-1833).  1816.  Richard HINXMAN & Family.  London, England.  Private collection. 
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