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This page provides a summary of the countries where HINXMANs from all branches and their descendants have lived, with brief notes about each migration.

Members of the HINXMAN family have spread far around the world, from their origin in England to a variety of other countries.  These migrations occurred at least as early as the 17th century, but there has naturally been an increase in their number since the advent of cheap air travel and globalisation.  Not surprisingly, the bulk of these migrations have been to countries of the (former) British Empire, where English language and customs make it easier for English emigrants to settle and integrate.

The aim is to include here all HINXMAN individuals and groups, past and present, and their descendants, who have lived in a non-UK country continuously for a year or more.

This list does not include stays of less than one year.  The data is organised by country, in alphabetical order.  Each bullet point indicates a separate migration.  Living relatives are not individually identified, but their family branch is stated where known.   This page is a work in progress: any further information will be welcomed.


Australia has received a series of HINXMAN immigrations, since Victorian times:
  • Circa 1866.  Henry HINXMAN (1843-1882, London branch) emigrated to Australia, and married and settled there.  The last of his male line was John Robert HINXMAN (1881-1964), but other descendants still live in Australia.
  • Circa 1875.  George Cecil HINXMAN (1860-1926, Titchfield branch) emigrated to Australia, and married and settled there.  He returned to England circa 1900, leaving his wife and children in Australia, and never went back.  The last of his male line was John ‘Little Jack’ HINXMAN (1918-1987), but his other descendants via female lines still live in Australia.
  • 195?.  A male descendant of the HINXMAN Titchfield branch settled in Australia.  He and his descendants remain based there.
  • 1988.   A HINXMAN from the Titchfield branch moved to Australia with her husband.  They intended to stay for only a year, but they stayed and became Australian citizens.  They and their family still remain based in Australia.
  • 2012.   A HINXMAN from the Titchfield branch moved to Australia with his fiancée.  They have since married and started a family, and remain based in Australia.
  • Circa 2013.  A descendant of the HINXMAN of Titchfield branch moved to Australia with her husband and family.  They stayed for about 2 years, and have since returned to the UK.


Currently (2015) at least 80 people bearing the HINXMAN surname, plus many other HINXMAN descendants, live in Canada and the USA.  These appear to have a common origin from early English emigrants, probably in the 17th century.  
See also the notes under 'United States of America', below.

Just as the history of Canada and the USA are interlinked, so are their HINXMAN family histories.  The earliest HINXMAN couple recorded in Canada appear to be:

  • 1783.  Charles HINXMAN (c.1751-1836; original branch unknown), a Labourer with the British Army, married Jane DIKEMAN (c.1764->1785) in New York State, on 06 Nov 1783.  Within a few weeks they were refugees, fleeing from New York because Britain had lost the American Revolutionary War.

    They followed about 1,500 other Loyalists, under the protection of British Admiral Robert DIGBY RN (1732-1815), to a new life at the little port of Conway – renamed Digby in 1787 – in the province of Nova Scotia.  Charles and Jane were granted 67 acres of uncultivated land there, where they settled and raised a family.  They now have many descendants across Canada and the USA, and the HINXMAN surname has survived in Nova Scotia to modern times.

Hong Kong
  • 1996.  Since this date, two descendants of the Titchfield branch have been based here.  In 1997 this former British Crown Colony became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

  • Circa 1990.  Gerald HINXMAN (1930-2011), a Civil Engineer, lived and worked in various countries for more than a year at a time, including Kuwait.

South Africa
  • Circa 1882.   Edward Hamer HINXMAN (1849-1892?) of the London branch emigrated to South Africa, and appears to have stayed there until his death.  In 1885 his wife Maud Mary ‘Polly’ née EGERTON (1859-1902) returned to England without him.  With her were their sons, Ernest Hamer HINXMAN (1882-1953) and Raphael HINXMAN (c.1890-1964).  The current HINXMANs of the London branch are descendants of this Raphael HINXMAN.

  • 1835-1837.  John Donniger HINXMAN (1815-1864, Titchfield branch) lived and worked in Spain for about 2 years as a volunteer Commissariat Clerk, for the Auxiliary (British) Legion during the First Carlist War.  He later returned to England.  Click on Spirit in Adversity to open a new window with an overview of his life.

  • 2009.  A HINXMAN from the Titchfield branch emigrated to Sweden, married and settled there.  He and his family remain based in Sweden.

United Kingdom

The history of our HINXMAN ancestors can be traced back to circa 1565 AD, and our Henxman forebears even further back to 1345 AD.  Both arose in England, and it seems certain that all branches of the family originated there.  Many HINXMANs and their descendants, from a variety of branches, still live in the UK - of which the great majority live in England.

United States of America

The complex family trees of the HINXMANs in the USA and Canada have yet to be fully researched.  The first stage of a detailed study is to collect existing knowledge of HINXMAN family trees and traditions in North America  - so any information will be gratefully received.  See also the notes under 'Canada' above.

It is not yet known from which English branches the North American HINXMANs descend, nor from how many migrations.  But not all HINXMAN immigrations to the USA were in early times:
  • Circa 1959.  A HINXMAN from the Titchfield branch emigrated to the USA with her husband.  She still lives there, and their descendants are now established in several states of the USA.
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