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This page examines the suggestion that all HINXMAN descendants are one related family, and that we all descend from just one founding father.

The focus of this website is the history of the HINXMAN family.  But who are they, and why do we believe they are just one family?

Extensive research, over several decades, has gradually built up detailed family trees for all the HINXMAN branches in England, where the name originated. 
These show that most, and probably all, people with the HINXMAN surname can be linked to a small group of HINXMAN family branches.

Common Heritage

Each of these family branches has consistently spelt their HINXMAN name in the same distinctive way, over many years. 

They have also all been traced back to locations in the southern half of Hampshire, or just over the border into Wiltshire - a relatively small area, compared with the whole of England. 

The only exception (so far) regarding origins in Hampshire, is the 'HINXMAN of London' branch.  London has always been a great melting pot of people from different places, so it is no surprise to find some HINXMANs there too.  We can fairly confidently expect that the London branch will eventually be found to have roots in Hampshire, just like the others.

These two common features, of distinctive spelling and the same local area, strongly suggest a common origin for all people with the HINXMAN surname.  This means that the various HINXMAN branches are almost certainly part of the same family.  Research seems to bear this out, and perhaps one day all the links between the various branches will be found.

Meanwhile DNA testing, which is now cheap and reliable enough to be accessible for such uses, can help us test this theory.  If you are a male HINXMAN, and interested in participating in DNA testing to discover the origins of your male ancestors, including how you're related to other HINXMAN branches, please click on Contact to get in touch.  You might discover some interesting new relatives around the world!

Founding Father

The founding father of the HINXMAN family has yet to be positively identified by name.  But we can already deduce some facts about him:
  • He would originally have been employed as a Henxman in the Royal Household.  This employment was only normally open to strong, fit, capable and intelligent young men from the gentry or aristocracy, so he would have fitted that description.
  • When the post of Henxman was abolished in 1565, he decided to keep the title as his own name.  This strongly suggests he was a younger son, probably one of several, who knew he had very little chance of inheriting any family title from his father.
  • He settled in the county of Hampshire, England - quite possibly near where his parents already lived, under their own, different, family name and title.
  • He married, and successfully raised a family.  They were proud of him and his achievements, and so they retained his special name as a surname, passing it down in turn to their heirs.  As the family grew and his descendants spread, different branches of his HINXMAN family began to form.
Missing Link
His immediate descendants, seem likely to have been either the branch we now know as HINXMAN of Andover (traced back to 1610 AD so far), or HINXMAN of Titchfield (traced back to 1687 so far).

If the Andover branch proves to be the original one, that leaves a gap of no more than 45 years, between our forefather's first potential use of the HINXMAN surname circa 1565, and the start of the earliest known HINXMAN family tree.  Documents from that time are relatively scarce, and often difficult to decipher.  But it is possible we may someday identify him: the founding forefather of every HINXMAN across the globe.

Since our founding father's status of HINXMAN was adopted as the family surname, some years 450 have passed: from circa 1565 to 2015 AD.  The timespan between each generation of a family varies, but the average is usually taken as about 25 years.  So since the founding of our family, there have been about 18 generations of HINXMEN handing on their surname, their stories, and their traditions to reach us today.  These websites are designed to celebrate and pass onwards that long, shared history.

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