HINXMAN of Salisbury
& Related Families

This page will provide an overview of the Salisbury branch of the HINXMAN family.

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Salisbury Cathedral
On 01 Sep 1808, this was the scene of the marriage between Edward HINXMAN (1779-1855; Salisbury branch) and Delitia EKINS (1784-1848), daughter of John EKINS DD (1732-1808), Dean of the Cathedral.

Monochrome engraving.  Drawn & Engraved by J. STORER.  01 Oct 1814. 
A View of Salisbury Cathedral.  Plate 1.  SHERWOOD, NEELY & Sons.  Paternoster Row, London, England.  Collection of Richard HINXMAN.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

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