HINXMAN of North America
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This page outlines the present state of knowledge regarding the origins of the North American branch of the HINXMAN family. 

Currently (2017) more than 80 people bearing the HINXMAN surname, plus many more HINXMAN descendants, live in Canada and the United States.  Just as the history of Canada and the USA are interlinked, so apparently are their HINXMAN family histories and their descent - therefore the HINXMANs of Canada and the USA are treated here as one single branch.

It should incidentally be noted here that a HINXMAN from the Titchfield branch emigrated to the USA with her husband, in about 1959.  She still lives there, and their descendants are now established in several states of the USA.  These are not an offshoot of HINXMAN of North America, and (as this is a female line of descent) none of these carry the HINXMAN surname.

Family Tree
No single, fully comprehensive, family tree for HINXMAN of North America is known to exist as yet, but it is a longer-term aim to create one on Ancestry.

The first stage of creating a detailed genealogy is to collect existing knowledge of HINXMAN family trees and traditions in North America. 
Some elements of the North American family tree have already been researched, but much still waits to be done - so any information will be gratefully received.


The HINXMAN surname and its variants are versions of the ancient job title of Henxman - a post in the English Royal Household from c.1345 to 1565 (for more details see 'The Henxmen' in the left-hand menu here).  It can therefore be safely assumed that all North American HINXMANs are descended from English HINXMAN forebears. 

On present knowledge, it appears likely that all HINXMANs living in North America are related to each other,
sharing a common origin from an early English immigrant who became the founding father of this branch.  However, multiple immigrations cannot be ruled out, until a family tree linking all North American HINXMANs has been created. 

Current research on the North American branch is focusing on identifying the link(s) from England, in an attempt to connect the North American branch to its English origins.

Charles HINXMAN (c.1751-1836)
Currently the earliest known HINXMAN settler in North America - and therefore possibly the founding father of the whole branch - is Charles HINXMAN.  In 1783 Charles and his wife Jane fled from New York as it was being evacuated at the end of the Revolutionary War, and settled in Nova Scotia.  They seem likely to be the ancestors of all modern members of the HINXMAN of North American branch.

The spelling of Charles's surname appears somewhat uncertain, as it is spelt in a variety of ways in different North American documents.  However, such variability is not unusual for the HINXMAN surname.  All of these spellings are almost certainly deviant versions of the HINXMAN name, arising from various mis-spellings and mis-readings. 

The consistent use of the HINXMAN spelling by Charles's descendants (other spellings all seem to have been introduced by other authors) provides a reasonable degree of confidence that HINXMAN is indeed the correct spelling for his surname.

Further Research
So far, research has failed to reveal details of Charles HINXMAN's life before 1781, and of which English branch was his origin.  Efforts to trace Charles's history are continuing, initially via documentary sources.  Later, it is hoped to use DNA tests from modern descendants to confirm Charles's origins in England, and the inter-relationship of the North American HINXMANs.  If you are a possible descendant interested in participating in these tests, please do get in touch.

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Admiral DIGBY (1732-1815)
At the time of the surrender of New York in Nov 1783, Admiral DIGBY was the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy's North American Station at Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He arranged a convoy of ships to evacuate some 1,500 Loyalist refugees to the small port of Conway in Nova Scotia - which was later renamed Digby in his honour.  Charles and Jane HINXMAN settled and raised their family there.

Portrait in oils.  Unattributed.  Circa 1783.  Admiral Robert DIGBY RN.  Collection of the Admiral Digby Museum.  Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Source:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/ff/AdmiralRobertDigby.jpg.  Licence:  Public Domain.