HINXMAN of Andover
& Related Families

This page will provide an overview of the Andover branch of the HINXMAN family.

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The Old Church of St Mary, Andover, Hampshire

Joseph HINXMAN (c.1585-16??), ancestor of the ‘HINXMAN of Andover’ family, was married to Elenor BLAKE (1589-1657) here on 10 Dec 1610.
This is the earliest location known to be associated with any HINXMAN family event.  The old building shown here was replaced by the present church in 1840.

Original:  Monochrome engraving.  J. Shury & Son, after a picture by C. Radclyffe.  1839.  St. Mary's Church, Andover.  Published in Mudie's 'Hampshire Past and Present'. 
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