HINXMAN Branches
Family Roots & Branches

This section of the website contains information about the various branches of the HINXMAN family, and the list below provides direct links to each one.

English Branches
All people with the surname of HINXMAN are thought to be related.  As this family grew it developed branches in new locations, and those groups are used here as a convenient way of splitting the large amount of data, making it more manageable.  Some of the relationships between the branches are already known; while others still await discovery.  But all are thought to ultimately stem from one founding father (for a more detailed explanation, click on Family).

For ease of reference, the main English HINXMAN branches have been provisionally named after their earliest main places of origin.  The branch names, and the headings of pages about them, are also colour-coded
throughout this website.

For general information on each of the English branches, click on the following:

HINXMAN of Andover (webpage under development)

HINXMAN of Barton Stacey
(webpage under development)

HINXMAN of London
(webpage under development)

HINXMAN of Salisbury (webpage under development)

HINXMAN of Titchfield

HINXMAN of West Dean (
webpage under development)

HINXMAN of Winterslow (webpage under development)

Other Countries
All HINXMANs living elsewhere appear to be descended from one of the English branches listed above.  For information about HINXMANs residing in other countries, click on:

There is also a relatively small number of English HINXMANs, mainly historical individuals, who have not yet been linked to one of the family trees of these branches.  Such people are termed 'strays' by genealogists (those who study family trees).  Research is continuing, in an attempt to trace the origins of these strays and link them to their correct family trees. 

Meanwhile, a section of this website is dedicated to them.  Click on the following to find out more:


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