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This page suggests some reasons for getting in touch, and explains how to do it.  A copy of this page is repeated on each of the HINXMAN Family History sites.


Do feel free to write via e-mail to the webmaster, Richard HINXMAN.  The address is:

-  If you have a query, I'll do my best to answer it.

-  If you're trying to discover your HINXMAN ancestors, I'll try to help you find them.

-  If you can offer a correction or update to anything on this site, I'll be pleased to hear of it.

-  If you're able to supply further information, pictures, or a story, then I'd love to hear from you.

-  If you're trying to contact your living HINXMAN relatives, I'll endeavour to connect you with them.
-  If you're trying to re-home HINXMAN memorabilia to their original family, I'll do my best to put you in touch.

-  If you're interested in obtaining HINXMAN heritage art prints from the family collection, I'll be happy to help.

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Illustration:  A Helping Hand.  1816.
Detail from a painting of Richard HINXMAN (c.1786-1834), his wife Sarah HINXMAN nee ARTHERIDGE (c.1792-1844), with two of their children.
This picture shows the hand of
Richard HINXMAN, holding the arm of his 2 year old daughter Jane Amy HINXMAN (1814-1821) as she steps down from a footstool.
The close-up image also shows a partly discoloured 'ghost' of an earlier draft, where BUCK appears to have painted Jane's arm to the right of the present position.

Original:  Family group portrait.  Watercolour, plus pen and coloured inks, on card.  Adam BUCK (1759-1833).  1816.  Richard HINXMAN & Family.  London, England.  Private collection. 
Public domain.  See Terms of Use.