Thanks and Dedication

This page gives thanks to all of those who contributed to our HINXMAN Family History.  This includes all those who made, collected, preserved, sorted and passed on our unique history - and of course all those who supported and helped them too.

Our Story
Much of the content of these websites exists only because of contributions by many family members, past and present.  They realised our history is of considerable interest, and made efforts to preserve it and to pass it on
to future generations. 

That process, of re-telling the stories and traditions which link us to our past, is itself a statement of our special sense of family identity
.  We have always been a family who get things done, and this is yet another example of that.

Our Thanks
So sincere thanks are owed to these many people, over many years, who contributed their skills, knowledge and time to keeping our story alive.  The net result - our accumulated family history - is truly impressive. 

These people include:

-  Many past members of the family who have preserved and passed down significant items, stories and traditions to be re-discovered by us today. 

-   Further individuals who have kindly allowed their coll
ections (including family heirlooms, paintings, medals, photos, certificates, documents, stories and memories) to be digitally copied, and shared with the family via this website and our on-line family trees.  Their contributions have greatly added to the store of information available to us all.

-   Those amateur family researchers and historians who have devoted much time, energy and resources over the years, to actively collecting, collating and studying our family history, deserve special thanks.  Their work has been painstaking and lengthy, but has been essential to building a coherent picture of our past.

-  All those friends and relations who have helped and supported our family historians in their task, enabling them to achieve so much more for us all.

Last but not least, our thanks go to all the members of the HINXMAN family and their relatives, whose fascinating heritage and ongoing story this is.  This website is for you, is about you, and is dedicated to each one of you.

Thank you all - and keep the stories growing!

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Leslie HINXMAN (1905-1989).  Titchfield branch.
Leslie was one of the HINXMAN family's historians, who collected many documents & photographs relating to our family history, preserving them for future generations.

Monochrome photographic portrait.  Anonymous author.
  1966.  Leslie HINXMAN.  Worthing, Sussex, England.  Private collection. 
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