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2016 Events
Details of events in 2016, related to HINXMAN Family History.

30-31 July 2016
  HINXMAN of Titchfield:   Family Gathering

A gathering of the Titchfield branch of the family was held this year at Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, England. 

Family members met distant relatives and long-lost cousins, renewed old friendships and made new ones, compared notes and shared family anecdotes, discovered more of our family history, displayed and studied family mementos and heirlooms, and generally had a very sociable and enjoyable time!

Nearly 60 people attended, representing 4 generations of our family, from Alaska, Australia, England, New Mexico, New York State, Rhode Island, Sweden, and Wales.  The programme, arranged on a break-even cost basis, included:

Saturday 30 July 2016
Family Gathering opened in the Jubilee Hall.  Socialising & family history displays.  Adults (15 yrs & over) £10.00 each; Children (4-14 yrs) £5.00 each.
12.00    Group photos, followed by family picnic lunch.
17.00    Close.

19.00    Family Dinner.  A popular optional extra, located in the nearby Crown Inn - a historic venue, managed in 1823 by our ancestor John ARTHERIDGE.

Sunday 31 July 2016
10.00    Guided Coach Tour.  Another optional extra, viewing 7 locations with links to our ancestors in Bishops Waltham and the surrounding area, dating from c.1793-1871. 
By kind permission of the owners, mid-morning refreshments were served in a sunny garden at one of our family's former homes - a real treat!
A short walking tour from St Peter's Church afterwards, visited another 2 family locations in the town itself.

13.00    Close

Pictures and details - including the itinerary for the coach tour - will be posted on the HINXMAN of Titchfield website later this year.
Ideas are already being floated for the next Family Gathering.  If you'd like to organise one near you, do get in touch!

IllustrationErnest & Kate HINXMAN & family on holiday - including all 9 of their offspring.
Monochrome photograph.  Unknown photographer.  Circa 1912.  Ernest & Kate HINXMAN & family on holiday.  Cliftonville, Margate, Kent, England.  Private collection.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

2016 Anniversaries
A selection of this year's HINXMAN Family History anniversaries.

1741:   275 years ago   HINXMAN of Titchfield:   Master & Commander
On 06 Feb 1741, John HINXMAN (c.1712-1764; Titchfield branch) gained his first commission
as a Lieutenant in His Britannic Majesty's Royal Navy.  It was to be the start of a successful naval career.

Growing up in Gosport, across from the great naval base of Portsmouth, John's life had always been focused on the sea and ships.  Soon after taking up his first command, he was already capturing enemy vessels.  By 1748 he was placing advertisements for seamen to collect their Prize Money from his expensive new home at Cold Harbour - then the most fashionable address in Gosport.  In 1760 he was promoted to Master & Commander of
HMS Port Mahon, a 6th rate 20-gun man of war on the West Indies station, where he carried out anti-smuggling patrols. 

A series of webpages about his life and his ships is in preparation - watch this space and Facebook (see below) for news of their publication.  Meanwhile, click on the link to Salt in Our Blood, for many more connections between the Titchfield branch and the sea.

IllustrationReplica of HMS Rose (1757)
This modern replica, used in the film 'Master & Commander', is very close in most details to Commander John HINXMAN's 18th century man of war, HMS Port Mahon. 
Colour photograph. 
David CALLAN.  HMS RoseSource: http://www.housenumbers.ca/tallshipslunenburg.html.  Copyright © David CALLAN 2015.

1816:   200 years ago   HINXMAN of Titchfield:   Richard HINXMAN & Family
This is the bicentenary year of the creation of an important HINXMAN family portrait - the painting of Richard HINXMAN (c.1786-1834), his wife Sarah née ARTHERIDGE (c.1792-1844), & their 2 eldest children: Jane Amy HINXMAN (1814-1821), and John Donniger HINXMAN (1815-1864).

Painted in 1816 by Adam BUCK (1759-1833), the portrait records the happy parents
just 3 years after their marriage.  The couple later lived at Bishops Waltham (the venue for the 2016 Family Gathering! - see above), and are ancestors of all living HINXMANs of the Titchfield branch.

Click on
The BUCK Portraits for an overview of this portrait, plus that of Richard's brother John HINXMAN (1784-1847).   Then click on subsequent pages - such as Richard & Family - for further details such as the portrait's symbolism, and its descent through the family.

IllustrationRichard HINXMAN (c.1786-1834) & Family
Watercolour, with pen & coloured inks.  Adam BUCK.  1816.  Richard HINXMAN & Family.  London, England.  Private collection.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

1816:   200 years ago   HINXMAN of Titchfield:   Friends to Reform
2016 is also the bicentenary of an unusual series of portraits, with a HINXMAN link, created by the same artist, Adam BUCK (1759-1833). 

This series, titled
Of Friends to a Constitutional Reform of Parliament, comprises portraits of key national agitators for democratic reform, and for transparency in government (still topical now!).  The style of the series is unusual and distinctive: each engraving is taken from a full-length outline drawing in bold lines, with the head and face fully detailed in a combination of pencil and pen (see sample detail opposite).

These portraits are thought to have originated from a discussion
at a sitting for the 1816 HINXMAN family portrait, between Richard HINXMAN c.1786-1834; Titchfield branch) and Adam BUCK.  Richard was an active agitator in Hampshire for reform, and was a personal friend of some or all of the subjects.  It seems that Richard suggested the idea for the series, and provided BUCK with an introduction to his political colleagues.

A new webpage titled Of Friends to Reform is planned, to detail and illustrate these portraits and their HINXMAN connection.  Its publication will be announced here, and on the new HINXMAN Family History page on Facebook (see below).

Illustration:  Head of Henry 'Orator' Hunt Esq.
Like his collaborator Richard HINXMAN, HUNT was an innovative farmer & a radical agitator.   He is known to have visited Richard HINXMAN at Chilling Farm, Titchfield.
Engraving.  Adam BUCK.  1816.  Detail from Plate 5, Of Friends to a Constitutional Reform of Parliament: Henry Hunt Esq.  Collection of Richard HINXMAN.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2016.

1916:   100 years ago   HINXMAN of Titchfield:   An Orphan's Story
On 06 June 1916, Ada SPENCER née HINXMAN (1865-1916; Titchfield branch) died at Ramsgate, Kent, England.

She had been born in 1865, one of 8 siblings of Ernest HINXMAN (1859-1919).  Ada's life soon turned to loss and hardship: even her name seemed a bad omen, given in memory of an older sister who died as an infant in 1861. 

By the 1871 Census, when Ada was 5, she was living with her widowed grandmother Sarah
née MANSBRIDGE (c.1796-1876), apparently to minimise the risk of infection from her parents (and our ancestors), James HINXMAN (1826-1871) and 'Patty' née SPENCER (1832-1874), who were both slowly dying of TB (tuberculosis). 

By 1881 both parents and her grandparents were all dead, and Ada - aged 15, and separated from her siblings - was an inmate at the British Orphan Asylum for the Maintenance & Education of the Children of those once in Prosperity, at Slough in Berkshire.  After leaving, she gained employment as a Post Office Telegraph Clerk.

Then Ada's luck turned.  In 1893 (aged 28),
she married a distant maternal cousin - creating an unusual double link between the HINXMAN and SPENCER families.  Her husband, Thomas E. SPENCER (1854-1936), was an Officer of the Inland Revenue, but later became a Customs & Excise Officer - amusingly, considering that Ada's HINXMAN ancestors are believed to have been smugglers.  The couple lived much of their lives in Kent, and produced 2 boys: Edwin 'Eddie' Hinxman SPENCER (1897-1977), and Thomas Charles 'Charlie' SPENCER (1899-1984).  They often stayed at Kitnocks, Ernest & Kate HINXMAN's Winchester home, and kept in close touch with their HINXMAN cousins.

A series of grandchildren and great-grandchildren followed - although Ada never saw them, as she died at the age of 51.  But from a difficult start, Ada had made good, and successfully founded her own happy family - through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to providing the parental love that disease and death stole from her as a child.

Illustration:  The British Orphan Asylum.  Mackenzie Street, Slough, Berkshire, England.  1875.
Originally the Royal Hotel, this building re-opened as an orphanage in 1863, but was later demolished.  The orphan Ada HINXMAN was an inmate here in the 1881 Census.

Recent Finds
News of HINXMAN Family History discoveries made in recent years

1919   HINXMAN of Titchfield:   Ernest HINXMAN's Paintings
Here are some recent finds - and an appeal to help find more.

On 12 Mar 1915, Ernest HINXMAN (1859-1919; Titchfield branch) wrote his last Will. 
In it he stated:

‘I bequeath all my . . . pictures, prints, furniture and other household effects unto my trustees, upon trust that my trustees shall permit my wife to use and enjoy the same during her life . . .

And at the death of my said wife, I bequeath to my said son Roland the two old family pictures painted by Adam Buck, and I declare that each of my other children (in order of seniority) shall be entitled to choose and take as legacies any other two of my pictures’.

Ernest died on 21 Nov 1919, and his Will was duly executed.  Below is a list of his children (in order of seniority), with the paintings they are believed to have inherited.  Do you know of any pictures, that might be part of Ernest's legacy?

1.  Mattie HINXMAN (1889-1982)
1.1  Animal portrait.  Valentine T. GARLAND.  Three Terriers and a Horse. (?)
1.2  Landscape.  Valentine T. GARLAND?  Date Unknown.  Seashore. (?)

2.  Roland HINXMAN (1891-1953)
2.1  Portrait.  Adam BUCK.  1812.  John HINXMAN (1784-1847) & Parents.  John was Ernest's great-uncle.  Click on John & Parents for pictures and details.
2.Portrait.  Adam BUCK.  1816.  Richard HINXMAN (c.1786-1834) & Family.  Richard was Ernest's grandfather.  Click on Richard & Family for pictures and details.

3.  Kitty HINXMAN (1893-1978)
3.1  Animal portrait.  Valentine T. GARLAND.  Date unknown.  Cock Pheasant. (?)
3.2  Animal portrait.  Valentine T. GARLAND.  Date unknown.  Terrier Bitch with 6 Puppies. (?)

4.  Doris HINXMAN (1894-1987)
4.1  Unknown ???
4.2  Unknown ???

5.  Alan HINXMAN (1896-1978)
5.1  Animal portrait.  Unknown artist.  1849.  Black Prince.  This stallion belonged to Ernest's father, James HINXMAN (1826-1871).  Click on Black Prince for more details.
5.2  Frank 'Bert' Sisson RINGHAM.  16 Aug 1915.  Hinxman Coat of Arms.  Copy of a print given to some family members by Bert, when he married Ernest's sister Alice.

6.  Joan HINXMAN (1898-1921)
6.1  Portrait.  Valentine T. GARLAND.  Date unknown.  Group of Dogs.
6.2  Landscape.  Unknown artist.  Date unknown.  Cottage at Chiddingfold, Sussex.

7.  Hugh HINXMAN (1902-1996)
7.1  Unknown ???
7.2  Landscape.  Valentine T. GARLAND.  c. 1900.  Landscape with Chickens.  See illustration above.

8.  Leslie HINXMAN (1905-1989)
8.1  Landscape.  Frank 'Bert' Sisson RINGHAM.  1902.  Lion Rock, Newquay, Cornwall.  Ernest's brother-in-law, Bert, died 75 years ago this year.
8.2  Unknown ???

9.  Betty HINXMAN (1907-1999)
9.1  Unknown ???
9.2  Unknown ???

Art collections are often split up like this, upon the owner's death.  Sometimes part of their significance is lost over time.  But rediscovering the paintings, and putting these individual clues back together, can sometimes reveal more than the sum of their parts.  Even from the partial information above, some conclusions can be drawn.

Ernest appeared especially keen to preserve and pass on any paintings with a strong family connection, such as The BUCK Portraits, Black Prince (unknown artist), and Lion Rock (by Bert RINGHAM).  It seems significant that all of these were inherited only by Ernest's sons, so that they stayed with the HINXMAN name - possibly something that his wife Kate Mary n
ée MATHEWS (1864-1931) suggested.

The remainder of Ernest's paintings all depict rural scenes, or domestic animals.  One would expect an agricultural auctioneer and surveyor, who spent his career in the countryside, to be very knowledgeable about farming and farm animals.  But these paintings confirm that Ernest really loved these subjects too, and that he was very happy to be reminded of them in his spare time, as well as in his work.

Finally it is clear that Ernest - and probably his wife Kate - particularly enjoyed the paintings of the popular Victorian artist, Valentine Thomas GARLAND (1845-1914).  It seems likely that the couple knew this artist personally, as they lived near each other in Winchester, Hampshire.  More of GARLAND's paintings may yet come to light, somewhere in the hands of Ernest and Kate's many modern descendants.

Do you know of any family paintings or photographs - maybe some of Ernest's - put away somewhere, and half-forgotten?  There may be family history 'gold' in your loft!  If so, please click on Contact and get in touch, so your heirlooms can be digitally recorded for future generations, and add to our knowledge of our ancestors.


1.  Landscape with Chickens
Oils on canvas.  Valentine Thomas GARLAND (1845-1914).  Circa 1900.  Landscape with Chickens.  Winchester, England.  Private collection.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2016.

2.  Black Prince
Oils on canvas.  Unknown artist.  1849.  Detail from Black Prince.  Water Lane Farm, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, England.  Private collection.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

Facebook Page:   Hinxman Family History

And now - a HINXMAN Family History page on Facebook!
designed to keep you informed on relevant news and developments - including additions & updates to the HINXMAN Family History websites.

Click on Hinxman Family History to take a look.  Then to receive updates, click on 'Like' at the top of the page, just below the picture header.  You'll be sent occasional news about HINXMAN family history, normally no more than once per week, and you can opt out at any time.

IllustrationShield of Edward Henxman, alias Le Henchman - Gentleman.
This shield forms part of the coat of arms awarded to Edward Henxman for services to King Edward VI, in 1549.
Frank 'Bert' S. RINGHAM (husband of Alice HINXMAN).  Lithographic print.  16 Aug 1915.  Detail from the HINXMAN Coat of Arms.  Private limited edition.  Bristol, England.  Collection of Richard HINXMAN. 
Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

New Website:   Henxmen Sources

An ambitious new project has commenced, to publish transcripts of all known sources regarding our predecessors in Late Mediaeval and Renaissance times: the Henxmen.  This will be the first time that all known source materials on the Henxmen
- over 100 scattered, original records - will be published in one location, providing a unique and detailed overview.

The data is being published via a dedicated website (linked to this HINXMAN Hub) allowing descendants to gain the fullest possible picture of our ancestors’ lives, and facilitating further study. 
Each source transcript will be designed for easy access, and supplemented with a tailored Translation, Glossary and Notes where appropriate.  Publication of each new page will be announced here, and on Facebook (see above).

Phase 1 of the new website will focus on the mid-14th century,
during the reign of King Edward III (1327-1377).  This period contains the earliest known records of Henxmen - and will include such fascinating detail as expenses for the Henxman of the famous Black Prince; Henxmen on a military campaign in France with the King; and an impressive solo journey across Europe on horseback, by a Henxman bearing urgent messages for the King.

The new website is now functioning, and the first source transcripts
have been uploaded.  These contain the earliest known references to the Henxmen (see below), from whom we get our family surname.  Further source pages are being researched and added, and you can click on Henxmen Sources to see how the website is developing.  A handy new link is also provided on the Homepages of all other HINXMAN Family History websites.

Illustration:  Henxmen Walking Beside King Edward VI
opperplate engraving.  Unknown artist.  01 Jan 1809.  Detail from Cheapside Cross (as it appeared in the Year 1547) With part of the procession of Edw. VI to his Coronation at Westminster.
  Collection of Richard HINXMAN.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2015.

New Web Pages
Links and details on the latest pages launched in the HINXMAN Family History websites.

c.1347   Henxmen Sources:   1347a: Cloth + 1347b: Spurs
These 2 webpages are the first of a long series, intended to showcase all the original Henxmen sources.  These 2 contain a total of 7 extracts, all from the same source.

The extracts list various expenses of the Royal Household, in providing cloth for coats, cloaks, and capes, plus separate expenses for spurs, for some named Henxmen of the King.  These throw some interesting light on several relevant issues - such as the highly variable spelling of Henxman, and some examples of the King's sense of humour! 

Click on 1347a: Cloth, and 1347b: Spurs, to open new windows onto these earliest extracts.  Have a go at deciphering the Transcripts in their original Mediaeval Latin, or use the Translations in modern English - each with a modern Glossary to assist you, plus Notes provided on various aspects of special interest.

Two companion webpages, themed around the Henxmen records, have also been launched to celebrate and complement the publication of these extracts - see below:

HINXMAN Hub:   The First Henxmen

The publication of extracts from the earliest known Henxmen source (see above) is a significant moment for the study of our family history.  This makes accessible our best clues to something that has long been sought: the date when the post of Henxman was created. 

This new webpage sets out the trail of clues and deductions, leading to the latest estimated date: circa 1345.  It also reveals not just when, but why the Henxmen were formed, why their post lasted for more than 2 centuries, and why they became a public byword for loyalty and ability.

Click on The First Henxmen to form your own opinion on when the Henxmen first began, and to discover how they formed part of a grander plan.

IllustrationKing Edward III
Original:  Unknown artist.  Oil on panel.  1590s-1620.  King Edward III© National Portrait Gallery.  London, England.  Source:  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AKing_Edward_III.jpg.  Licence:  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0.

c.1345-1565   HINXMAN Hub:   The Henxman Era
We already have documentary evidence of the abolition of the Henxmen by Queen Elizabeth I, circa 01 Dec 1565.  Now, a detailed study of the earliest Henxmen source suggests we have nearly nailed the date when the Henxmen were created: currently thought to be circa 1345.  The 'Henxman era' is taking shape.

This new webpage provides a quick reference point, giving an overview of the names and reigns of monarchs, plus key Henxman dates, throughout the 220 years that the Henxmen existed.  Click on The Henxman Era to see the great sweep of 12 Plantagenet and Tudor reigns, through the Late Mediaeval and Renaissance periods, across which our Henxmen forebears played their part in the Royal Household - and in the history of England.

HINXMAN of Titchfield:  
Sisterly Love

This is a tangled tale of good intentions but unexpected outcomes; of lives crossing each other while driven by love. 

It particularly shines a light on different aspects of sisterly love, involving
3 different women: Mattie HINXMAN (1889-1982), Kathleen 'Kay' Mary DOWLING (1897-1986), and Doris 'Di' Evelyn DOWLING (1899-1972), who each played a part in the life of Roland HINXMAN (1891-1953).

Click on Sisterly Love to read their story of dedication and disappointment; success and sorrow; compassion and companionship.

Illustration:  Mattie HINXMAN
Detail from a family group photo.  Monochrome photograph.  Photographer unknown.  Circa 1916.  Ernest HINXMAN & family, by a bathing machine.  Cliftonville beach, Margate, Kent, England.  Private collection.  Copyright © Richard HINXMAN 2016.

c.1785+   HINXMAN Hub:   Migrants
Migrant people are much in the news at present.  But did you know there have been many HINXMAN migrants too?

The HINXMAN name has gradually spread out from England across the globe, as over the centuries members of our family have moved overseas to start a new life.  Click on Global Cousins for an update on known HINXMAN migrations so far, and to discover the growing number of countries where we now have relatives.  Where to next?

  The Bishops Waltham Connection

A series of new webpages have been released, as part of the preparations for the 2016 Family Gathering of the Titchfield branch at Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, England (see 2016 Events above). 

The location for the gathering was chosen for its 18th and 19th century links with our ancestors.  Click on Bishops Waltham to discover the story of our various family connections there.

The same page also provides links to 4 new selective family trees, detailing family friends and relations who lived at Bishops Waltham.  These cover 2 phases of the HINXMAN family settlements there; our ancestors the ARTHERIDGE family; and old family friends the DONNIGERs.  Links to further pages, with more details of our Bishops Waltham connections, are included. 

Illustration:  £1 Banknote, from 'Gunners Bank'
'Gunners Bank' was founded in 1809, & Richard HINXMAN (c.1786-1834) used an account here.  It was the last UK bank to be privately owned and print its own banknotes.

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