Finding HINXMAN Relatives
Connecting with your HINXMAN Family

This page offers help if you know you're related to a HINXMAN, and you'd like to find out which branch you're related to, or to discover more about your ancestors.

One Name Study

Since 1980 a HINXMAN 'One Name Study' has been under way.  Various members of the family have assisted, by researching, contributing, and collating data about our ancestors.

The study aims to discover the family trees of all HINXMANs who have ever existed (subject to availability of data!), in an attempt to find the relationship between the various branches and our points of origin. 
This study has focused initially upon the English HINXMANs, as it was in England that the name originated.

The HINXMAN One Name Study is still continuing, and has achieved reasonable success so far.  The family trees of most English HINXMAN branches (and all from overseas) are now identified
, and links have been proved between some of them.

These results make it clear that HINXMAN is an old Hampshire surname.  Furthermore, it now appears that all HINXMAN branches are almost certainly
related to each other.

Illustration:  Ernest HINXMAN & family at Cliftonville, Kent - including all 9 offspring.  Circa 1912.
This is one of many photographs surviving, of Ernest & Kate HINXMAN and their family on early 20th century holidays.
For picture details, see footnote.

The large store of knowledge about HINXMAN family trees, created by the One Name Study, can also help modern descendants discover their origins, and find details of their HINXMAN ancestors.

Free Search
If you know you have HINXMAN relatives, these family trees can help you check which HINXMAN branch you are connected to.

Just click on Contact, and send in the known key details (
names, relationships, dates, places) for yourself and your ancestors - including at least one known HINXMAN. 

These will then be matched against the large collection of records, at no charge, to search for your HINXMAN family connection.  You'll then be informed of the findings, and if your family tree is identified (this is usually possible) you'll be provided with free access to a detailed, on-line version for your branch of the family.

This in turn will connect you to a growing store of information about your HINXMAN ancestors.  And who knows - you may even discover some 'new' relatives!

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Ernest HINXMAN & family on holiday - including all 9 offspring.  HINXMAN of Titchfield branch. 
Left to right.  Back row:  Alan HINXMAN (1896-1978).  Kitty HINXMAN (1893-1978).  Charlotte Minie MATHEWS (1869-1939).  Hugh HINXMAN (1902-1996).
Front row:  George H. C. MANNING (1882-1959).  Doris HINXMAN (1894-1987).  Ernest HINXMAN (1859-1919).  Kate Mary HINXMAN nee MATHEWS (1864-1931).  Betty HINXMAN (1907-1999).  Mattie HINXMAN (1889-1982).  Joan HINXMAN (1898-1921).  Leslie HINXMAN (1905-1989).  Lily Louise HINXMAN nee HODDER (1892-1918).  Roland HINXMAN (1891-1953).

Original:  Monochrome photograph.  Anonymous author.  Circa 1912.  Ernest HINXMAN & family on holiday.  Seafront at Cliftonville, Margate, Kent, England.  Private collection.
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