Individuals as yet Unconnected to a Family Tree

This page discusses what is known as 'Strays' within the HINXMAN family.

A 'stray' is a term used by genealogists (those who study family trees).  It is used to describe someone who is known of, but who at present cannot be linked to a particular family tree or branch.  Thus a HINXMAN stray is someone known to be a HINXMAN, but whose family tree or branch has not so far been identified. 

Sometimes the strays are single people, and sometimes they are in small, stray family groups.

There are not many HINXMAN strays, compared with the large numbers of HINXMANs linked to known trees. 

But there are inevitably some, because insufficient information has yet been discovered.  Usually the information exists somewhere, and so the majority of strays can eventually be resolved over time. 

So this is a necessary - but hopefully temporary - category, as family branches are researched and their relationships are established. 

However, some strays may never be fully identified where the information was never recorded, or has since been lost. 

Some old records especially have been lost due to carelessness, fire, and even enemy bombing - so not all of these puzzles will still have answers.

Illustration 1:  Advert for 'England Illustrated', sold by J. HINXMAN.  1764.  For picture details, see footnotes.

However, as research into the HINXMAN family trees progresses, the number of strays is diminishing.  The ultimate hope is that all HINXMAN strays will be joined to family trees, and that this category will no longer be needed.  But that may take a while!

Meanwhile, there are some interesting lives and stories amongst the HINXMAN strays.  This section is about them, while they wait to rejoin their proper families.

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Illustration 1
Advertisement for 'England Illustrated', sold by J. HINXMAN.  1764.
Original:  R. & J. DODSLEY and J. HINXMAN.  Jan 1764.  Advertisement for 'England Illustrated'.  The Gentleman's Magazine.  London, England.  Public domain.  See Terms of Use.
This advert refers to 2 HINXMAN strays: Jane HINXMAN née MORGAN (c.1739->1769), wife and business partner of bookseller & publisher John HINXMAN (c.1736-1762).