HINXMAN Branches
Related Groups within the HINXMAN Family

This webpage provides an overview of the various branches of the HINXMAN family.

Branching Out
All people with the surname of HINXMAN are thought to be related, and descended from a single Henxman who settled in Hampshire, England.

As our family grew it naturally developed branches (i.e. sizeable groups of descendants) in new locations: firstly in Hampshire, and then further afield.  Those groups are used here as a convenient way of subdividing the large amount of HINXMAN data, to make it more manageable. 
Some of the family relationships between the branches have now been discovered, while others remain unknown.  But it is thought that all of the branches are inter-related, and ultimately stem from the same founding father.  For a more detailed explanation of this, click on HINXMAN Roots.

There are no standard criteria for defining a family branch.  This is partly because
dividing the data into manageable chunks is most useful at an early point of study: when little is known about the group in questionThe divisions are therefore somewhat arbitrary, but are nevertheless a useful practical aid to the study and understanding of HINXMAN family history. 

The main considerations used in identifying branches of the HINXMAN family, have been that they should:
  • Be found in an area (apparently) geographically distinct from other branches (i.e. separate; although not necessarily far distant)
  • Be a population that appears to be distinct from other branches (i.e. no known recorded contact with other branches)
  • Have (when first investigated) no proven origins from other branches (although this has often materialised as research continues)
  • Have the apparent potential to have produced modern descendants (this would be of special significance to any descendants, who would need a name for their ancestral group)
  • Have survived at least 3 generations in that distinct area (so appearing to be both settled and viable)

English Branches
For ease of reference, the main branches of the HINXMAN family have been named after their earliest known places of residence.  T
hroughout these websites, the headings of pages about particular family branches, and the weblinks to them (provided on the Homepage of each HINXMAN Family History website), are also colour-coded to assist readers' navigation.

The 6 English branches of the family (in alphabetical order), and their colour codes, are as follows:

HINXMAN of Andover

HINXMAN of Barton Stacey

HINXMAN of London

HINXMAN of Salisbury

HINXMAN of West Dean

The branches were named during the course of a One Name Study, to discover the origins of all families bearing our surname.  Working back from modern times into the past, it has become increasingly apparent that all HINXMANs are almost certainly related.  Nearly all HINXMANs, modern or ancient, are now known to belong to one of these branches.

Some of the branches have now been linked together as well.  For instance, a 'HINXMAN of Winterslow' branch was provisionally identified.  However, further research revealed that it was a relatively short-lived offshoot of the nearby HINXMAN of West Dean, so it has now been incorporated into that family tree.

We now know that the HINXMAN branches of Salisbury, West Dean, & Nova Scotia (see below) are all definitely related.  There are also indications that these are related to HINXMAN of Andover, and through them to HINXMAN of Barton Stacey.  The aim is to find all the links between the branches, including HINXMAN of Titchfield & HINXMAN of London, which currently stand alone.  This would then reunite all HINXMAN descendants into one single family tree.

An associated research aim is to identify the original founding father of this family, who apparently decided to commemorate his role as a Henxman by adopting our distinctive family surname.

Other Countries
All HINXMANs living elsewhere appear to be descended from one of the English branches listed above, and in nearly all cases their origins have now been traced to Hampshire.

Indeed, most HINXMANs living overseas have only left their traditional homeland relatively recently (i.e. in the past 3 generations; since circa 1950).  Some of these are living abroad temporarily because of their work, and some have emigrated permanently but 'recently'.  Some return to the UK at retirement or earlier, and some stay for good.  In some cases, the male line has become extinct and the name of HINXMAN disappears again locally - although descendants via the female line often survive in the local population. 

Short summaries of all known HINXMAN emigrations (excluding foreign holidays and any stays less than a year) are maintained at the Global Cousins page on this website. 

Interestingly, it appears there has never been a HINXMAN branch in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.  Our forebears the Henxmen originated in the English Royal Household circa 1345; the HINXMAN family originated in Hampshire, England, sometime after 1565; and since then the HINXMEN have apparently continued to regard England as their primary home.

However, there is one group of overseas HINXMANs which undoubtedly qualifies as a major branch in its own right:

This branch is inarguably well established in North America.  It has thrived there for more than 200 years since it was founded by an emigrant from the West Dean branch, and from one founding couple it has grown to an estimated 200 living descendants or more, of which about half bear the HINXMAN surname.  This is by far the largest and most viable of all the emigrant HINXMAN communities.

There is also a relatively small number of HINXMAN Strays, mainly historical individuals, who have not yet been linked to a branch of the family tree.  Such people are termed 'strays' by genealogists (those who study family trees). 

A webpage on this site provides some further details.  Meanwhile research continues, in an effort to trace the origins of these strays and to link them to their correct family trees.

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