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Welcome to the HINXMAN Hub!

This website is unique: it offers an overview of the entire HINXMAN family, from the Middle Ages to today. It is also the starting point for connecting to a growing number of related websites.

About the Websites
This is the central hub for a planned group of HINXMAN Family History websites.  They're for everyone with HINXMAN ancestors or relatives, plus anyone else who’s interested.  All of the websites are works in progress.  Individual pages are frequently updated, and many more pages will be added yet - but you're welcome to see what's here already.  Access is free to all.
The websites aim to gather, preserve and share, interesting and reliable information about our HINXMAN name, origins and family history.  Non-HINXMAN relatives (such as partners, cousins, ancestors and descendants) are included, as well as the origins of some related surnames.

The origins of the HINXMAN name and its variants have attracted much speculation and guesswork over the ages.  Some of this is incorrect, but has nevertheless been copied and repeated.  These websites set out the facts of our family history, based upon authoritative evidence, in an easily accessible way.

The websites do not include full family trees (although some partial trees are provided, where relevant to specific topics).  But the websites complement a separate series of detailed HINXMAN family trees, also being developed on the Internet.  Individual access to these is available free on request, to authorised HINXMAN relatives and descendants.

The websites will continue to expand, as new pages are added.  If you have stories, information, pictures or heirlooms to be included, do click on Contact to get in touch.

Illustration:  Little Durnford Manor.  1999.
Seat of the Salisbury branch of the HINXMAN family for 101 years, from its purchase in 1795 by Edward HINXMAN (1739-1807), to its sale on the death of his grandson Edward HINXMAN (1810-1896).  In 1966 it became the private home of the Earls of Chichester.  The gardens (but not the house) are usually open to the public on 1 day each summer.  This is probably the grandest of all former HINXMAN family homes; many others have been named after it.

Our Family History
There are many fascinating stories and connections, from across the centuries, within our family history.  Our ancestors witnessed many great historic events.  Some participated in state occasions, as part of the Royal Household.  Others survived daring adventures, tragedies, battles on land and sea, great courage and deep despair. 

There is much kindness, love and romance in our history too; mixed with humour and humanity.  There is
a striving for betterment, through varied occupations and business ventures.  There are contributions to human knowledge and achievements.  There are diseases and hardship, struggles for survival; terrible losses, and impressive successes.  There are long journeys, and great voyages.  There is law, politics, and the fight for democracy.  There is learning too, including science, technology, art, and literature. 

There are strange experiences,
chance events, and surprising coincidences.  There are short lives and long ones; big events and small.
  Drama runs through all of these true and personal stories.  They form part of the remarkable history of the various branches of the HINXMAN family, and all of these will be told in these pages.

Across many historic times and places, we were there: playing our part in shaping the world.
  Now read on, to discover who we are and how we fared . . .

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Little Durnford Manor

Source:  Colour photograph.  Mike SEARLE.  1999.  Little Durnford Manor.  Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.
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