Park Rules

The rules are simple, have tons of fun, wear a helmet, respect other riders and take care of the Park it's yours.

Park Rules

  • Use at own risk
  • Be Responsible 
    • This is an unsupervised facility

  • Safety First
    • Wear a Helmet 
    • Other protective gear is highly recommended

  •   Bikes Only
    • No motorized vehicles
  • Respect Your Park
    • Riding in wet conditions increases your risk 
    • Keep the park clean, please use the trash bins
  • Open Dawn to Dusk

  • In case of emergency call: 911
  • Park Maintenance call: 780-865-6000

Park Etiquette

  • Respect Others
  • This park is open to all bike riders
  • Unauthorized jumps and features will be removed
  • Check park for debris or hazards before using
  • Ride safely and know your limits
  • Read and Understand Difficulty Ratings Posted (See below)