We are a small company developing applications for your enjoyment. We are working to bring you apps for
Android and cross-platform games in the future (Android, iOS and Windows).

Check out our latest offering, Slide Puzzle (with a twist) for Android. 
Also available is our first offering, Flip Off for Android, available in both a paid version and a free with ads version.

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Slide Puzzle (with a twist)


Slide Puzzle by Hinthan LLC
Slide Puzzle Lite (free with Ads)
Slide Puzzle (with a twist) is a version of classic slider puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles in order by making sliding moves that use the empty space. There are three different puzzle sizes - 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5. You can play either the classic style or a picture based puzzle with a provided image or choose your own image from your phone.
This game can be as easy or as challenging as you wish it to be. Not only can you play with only 9 to 25 sliding tiles, but also you can remove the numbers from the picture tiles and, for an even greater challenge…the TWIST…you can make the pieces rotate.

This is a great game with an almost infinite number of possibilities for play for hours of fun.

This puzzle is ad free and safe with almost no special permissions required. No data mining.


  • New puzzles can be generated with each session
  • Picture puzzles have a random missing tile instead of always the last tile like the classic style
  • Several menus offer many options for play including restart which resets the puzzle to its starting position, show original, and show bests which keeps track of move counts and times for the current puzzle
  • Puzzles can be customized to use the entire screen of your device and can be oriented to portrait or landscape
  • You can change the puzzle size
  • You can include tile numbers on picture puzzles and change the text color
  • You can allow square picture tiles to rotate
  • Use one of the 14 included pictures or your own

Flip Off

Flip Off by Hinthan LLC
Flip Off Lite (free with Ads)
Flip Off is a fun way to covertly give your friends the bird. You can flip them off whether they are near or far! 
Send via text message or Skype, tweet it, post to Facebook or Picasa, or send in email. Send one to your favorite iPhone user!


Send Flip
Uses installed messaging or social media application to send the current flip! Your standard message & data rates apply.

Swipe Left
Change to next flip. If Random is selected then a random image will be displayed, otherwise they will be displayed in order.
Swipe Up
If the displayed flip has spin enabled then the flip will spin again!
Select which Flip images you want shown when you swipe and choose whether or not the image spins!

Rob Hinthan,
Nov 3, 2014, 5:22 PM