Important Prom Information

  • Ticket Sales
Prom Tickets are $90.00 each. Prom tickets will be sold in the student cafeteria before school and during all lunch periods Thursday, April 10th and Friday, April 11th.  Tickets may be purchased after this date for $110.  Checks should be made out to HCHS with Class of 2014 on the memo line.
Important information to remember:
  • Only seniors may purchase tickets though underclassmen and other guests may attend if invited by a senior.  A date is not required; therefore, seniors without a guest are encouraged to attend.
  • If you are bringing a guest from another school, please plan ahead as the permission slip must be signed by both the dean at his/her school and the dean here at Hinsdale Central!
  • If you are bringing a guest who is not a high school student, the guest must be approved by the dean's office.  Please note that guests must be under 21.
  • We highly encourage all students to attend Prom, as it is a special evening designed exclusively for seniors. If you are in need of financial assistance, please see Ms. Saunders or Ms. Kapelnikova as soon as possible.


Post Prom Spirit Cruise
Post Prom tickets will be sold during the same times as prom tickets.  Tickets will sold at a table adjacent to prom ticket table.   

** Post Prom tickets are sold separately and cost $35 per person**




Every Prom and Post Prom attendee is required to take a motor coach bus to and from Navy Pier.  If you do not plan to attend the Post Prom cruise, you must take a “midnight bus” (motor coaches departing Navy Pier immediately after Prom) returning to HCHS.  You will not be permitted to stay in the city at that time. 


If you are attending Post Prom, you are required to take a bus back to HCHS at the end of the event. If you are late or do not show, your parents will be contacted before the bus can leave.  Departure and return bus assignments will be posted in the cafeteria the week of Prom.


Table Requests

 No table request form will be taken unless it is filled out completely and with full payment for all those at your table. Incomplete forms will not be accepted!  Forms with less than twelve people may have other guests assigned to their table or may be separated.  Said tables will not be allowed to reserve a specific table number. 

Pre- Prom Paparazzi

This is your “Oscar” moment before boarding the Prom party buses.  It is also a great opportunity

§  To take photo’s with all the friends who weren’t at your picture party;

§  For everyone to ooohh and aahh at how beautiful you all are; and

§  To get that last great shot of you and your friends by your Alma Mater!


The Pre- Prom Paparazzi Photo Opportunity begins at 6:30 pm on Prom night. It takes place inside and outside the HCHS gym and up and down the red carpet, which will be set up exclusively for Prom night.  In addition, there will be grandstand-viewing seats for families inside the gym. 


The Pre- Prom Paparazzi Photo Opportunity helps to ensure all students are at HCHS with plenty of time to determine which bus they are on and board the buses.  If it’s raining, this event provides a place for Prom goers to gather inside before heading out to the buses. It is also a great opportunity for different groups within the senior class to mingle before the bus ride downtown.  


So . . . bring your camera and join your family, friends, teachers and the press for this HCHS Pre- Prom tradition!

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