Emerging Trends in mining and allied industries

Emerging Trends in mining and allied industries. Md. Asif Daiyan Sr. Mining Engineer,Malanjkhand Copper Project , Hindustan Copper Limited. ( B.Tech Mining From National Institute of Technology. Rourkela )



  • Technology for designing machine to guard from the obvious hazards and optimizing system performance.
  • A scientific approach to solve problems of designing and constructing things, which people are expected to use in the job, so the user will be more efficient and less likely to make errors resulting in accidents.
  • The Design of machine for safety in the job and in the environment is a major goal of ergonomics

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  • The word ergonomics is derived from two Greek words – Ergon and Nomes, which together mean “Laws of Work”.
  • The study of workers characteristics for the appropriate design of their tools and work environment.
  • Ergonomics is about the fit between people, their work activities, equipment, work systems, and environment to ensure that workplaces are safe, comfortable, efficient, and that productivity is not compromised

Photo Album - COPPR MINING FAMILY From Malanjkhand Copper Project, and Khetri Copper Complex India. Hindustan Copper Limited.

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