Patanjali Yog Training Centre

Inspiration - Respected Yogiraj Swami Ramdevji Maharaj - Patanjali Yogpeet, Hardwar - Free Patanjali Yog Training Centre, Nehru Nagar, Bhilai.


  1. Sit in any comfortable position with hands resting knees in Gyan Mudra
  2. Before starting Pranayam, chant onkar japa (Udgeet), Gayatri Japa thrice followed by Mahamartyanjay Japa or any other Japa of your choice.
  3. Except Kapal Bhati, Keep chating ‘OM’ while inhaling & exhaling breath in all pranayamas.
  4. Keep head & spine straight and eyes closed.
  5. Perform all pranayams with proper technique, Proper timing and with faith, dedication, devotion, determination, determination & happy mood to get maximum benefits.
  6. Before starting pranayams, make a vow that while inhaling, all good in the universe is entering your body and you are being showered with the divine powers and more flow or energy. Howver, while exhaling in kapil bhati, all toxins inside your body are getting out of your body. Your body becomes light and your mind becomes calm & quite.
  7. Do light exercises of your choice between each PRANAYAM.

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