Malanjkhand Copper Project Photo - Training and Development

General View of Malanjkhand Copper Minesहम होगें कामयाब एक दिन (Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din).

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 N G Nair & Mr. M C Sharma At Malanjkhand Copper Project. The Software Skill (Surpac Mining Software) I learned from theTraining CentreMalanjkhand Copper Project, ( Where I worked as a Trainer). Malanjkhand, a small Copper Town in Balaghat District. Madhya Pradesh state India. Basic Computer Training and ERP Training to Employees, Worked with AutoCAD, HTMLJavaScript, Etc. Blasting in Mines to improve Fragmentation and Reduce Vibration in Mines - ‘Blasting in Mines – an Art or a Science?.,A MINING ENGINEER WITH NEW VISION FOR THE MINING INDUSTRY . COMPUTER BLASTING MODULESN G Nair Kerala Travel Thiruvananthapuram,.   Mining Engineers Dairy - Metalliferous Mines India    Indian Mining Legislation

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