Indian Mining Legislation new


Victims of mine accidents are transported on stretcher, whenever considered necessary, with four stretcher bearers, from the site of accident to the first aid room. It needs regular practice by the bearers. In case of steeply inclined and long mine roadways, sometimes two or three teams of stretcher-bearers may be necessary to transport the victim, otherwise the bearers may tire out soon resulting gin delay in reaching the first aid room. Evidently such delay in receiving medical attention may be dangerous for the victim.


Points to remember

  1. Selection of Stretcher: It should be strong enough to take up the weight of the victim. The length of stretcher should be a little less than the length of the cage so that it can be easily placed inside it. For transporting patients with injured spine, suitable wooden boards may b e fitted on the stretcher.


  1. Special stretchers should be used, if the patient is to be transported vertically up or down a staple shaft or ladder-way or steeply inclined road way.


  1. Stretcher Bearers: If the journey involved is long and arduous, teams of stretcher bearers should be formed for speedy transportation of victim.


  1. Route: The route to be followed should be so chosen that the victim is transported quickly and safely to the first aid room, he should get a person, conversant with the route, to accompany the stretcher party.


  1. Particulars of victim: Before starting off, the Captain should carefully note:


Name and occupation of victim, where, when & how the accident happened Nature of injuries sustained. Details of first aid rendered and by whom, What attention is necessary on the way.


  1. Assistance on the Way: The first aider accompanying the stretcher party, should keep a watch over the breathing, pulse rate and bleeding of patient. If tourniquet has been applied, it should be loosened every 15 mts., and applied again. If the condition seems to worsen on the way, appropriate first aid should be given.  
  2. Speed of operation: The victim should be transported as quickly as possible, at the same time any rash and hasty action should be avoided, which otherwise might cause discomfort to him.
  3. Discipline: Strict observance of Caption’s orders is very important for efficiency and speed in operation.
  4. Reporting to the Doctor: The stretcher party should proceed straight to the first aid room and the Capatin should report to the doctor, giving the relevant information about the victim. In case, the doctor or medical attendant is absent, the team should await their arrival a the firs aid room, and should leave only after the doctor has taken over charge of the patient.