What is burn


It is an injury due to dry heat e.g. fire, hot machine-parts, electric spark, flame of explosion in mines.


What is an injury due to moist heat e.g. hot water, steam, hot oil etc.


Extent of burn


The total surface area affected, determines the extent of burn. Greater the extent of burn more the fluid loss and consequent degree of shock.


Extent fo burn should therefore be ascertained to judge the severity of injury. For this purpose, it is best to use the Rule of Nine e.g.


Head & Neck            = 9

Each Arm                = 9

Each Leg                 = 9

Front of Trunk                   = 9 X 9 = 18

Back of Trunk          = 9 X 9 = 18


This the severity of injury of a person with burnt back is twice that of a person with a burnt arm.




1.        Do not disturb the burn injury; do not prick the blisters : do not remove burnt clothing

2.        Adopt strict asepsis.  Clean and wash your hands put burn dressing over the burnt part of the body and bandage.

3.        Combat shock

4.       If the extent of burn is large take the victim to the doctor on a stretcher; do not make him walk in any case.    



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