¨      Acoustical Analysis of Surface Mining Operations                                                                                                     

¨      Active control analysis of mining vehicle cabin noise using finite element modeling

¨      Activity accounting technique for environmental noise assessment in mechanized surface mining

¨      Air blast and ground vibrations due to blasting at Gevra Project of South Eastern Coalfields Ltd. in India

¨      An interpretation of the effects of using different delay intervals in blasting at an open-cast mine in Turkey

¨      Application of acoustic sounding system for environmental study

¨      Aspects of Noise Generation and Hearing Protection in underground coal mines

¨      Blast vibration modeling in Sar Cheshmeh Mine                                                                                                        

¨      Blast Vibration studies in some coal and iron ore mines                                                                                             

¨      Blasting Operation and its Impact Mine Environment                                                                                                   

¨      Blasting Safety - An Approach                                                                                                                        

¨      Case study using task-based, noise-exposure assessment methods to evaluate miner noise hazards

¨      Cognitive performance and subjective experience during combined exposures to whole-body vibration and noise

¨      Computer aided blast vibration prediction                                                                                                            

¨      Condition Monitoring and Performance analysis of noise Emitting Equipment A Case Study

¨      Controlled blasting at the CANMET experimental mine                                                                                                 

¨      Controlled Surface Blasting in an Operating Refinery Environmental Concern and Control Measures.

¨      Damage to underground coal mines caused by surface blasting                                                                                          

¨      Design of noise barrier from metallurgical solid waste dumping

¨      Development of a noise model with respect to sound propagation and its application to a mining complex

¨      Digisonix technology and active sound and vibration control                                                                                          

¨      Discharge valve noise analysis in a dewatering pump                                                                                                   

¨      Disorders of the human spine caused by occupational exposure to whole-body vibration

¨      Eco-friendly blasting operations by adopting true bottom initiation

¨      Effect of Noise on Hearing Acuity with respect to the workers of Cement Plants

¨      Emerging explosive technologies for increased safety reliability and performance

¨      Environmental effects of blasting: recent experiences                                                                                                  

¨      Environmental Problems Associated with Blasting in Mines: Public Apprehensions of Damage Due to Blast Vibrations - Case Studies

¨      Excavation of a power house close to a dam under stringent blast vibration restrictions

¨      Extraction of dimensional stone with controlled fracture growth blasting technique

¨      Fabrication Manual for a Reduced-Noise Auger Miner Cutting Head

¨      Global versus local issues in noise control policy                                                                                                    

¨      Ground level vibration in surface mines-an environmental concern

¨      Ground Vibration Due to Blasting and its Effect                                                                                                      

¨      Ground Vibrations Excited by Pile Driving- a case study.

¨      Hand Tool vibration associated with jack leg drills, jack hammers, and slushers.

¨      Having a blast in Thornton

¨      Hearing damage from high frequency noise                                                                                                              

¨      Human Response to Blast Induced Ground Vibrations - A Study Based on Opinion Polls

¨      Human response to blast vibration and air - overpressure: A case study

¨      Human response to blast-induced vibration and air-overpressure: an Indian scenario

¨      Impact of blast induced transitory vibration and air-overpressure/noise on human brain - an experimental study

¨      Influence of burden on ground vibrations in a limestone quarry

¨      Measurement of suspended particulate matter and noise levels during blast trials in a coalfield

¨      Measurement Uncertainties in Determination of Noise Emission: A Review

¨      Minimizing the environmental impact of blast vibrations                                                                                             

¨      Narrow band and broad band active control in an enclosure using the acoustic energy density

¨      Noise and Vibration Control in Mines                                                                                                                 

¨      Noise attenuation by green belts

¨      Noise control in underground mines - a case study                                                                                                     

¨      Noise Control of Diesel-Powered Underground Mining Machines

¨      Noise impact assessment -an approach

¨      Noise impact assessment in TISCO mining complexes in Jharia coalfield

¨      Noise model for mining complex - a case discussion

¨      Noise pollution in coal handling and preparation plants

¨      Noise pollution in coal mines-a case study

¨      Noise Pollution in Mines

¨      Noise pollution in mines and its abatement

¨      Noise Pollution in opencast mines - its impact on human environment

¨      Noise pollution in the public places of Rourkela industrial complex

¨      Noise Problems in coal Mining Complex- A case Discussion

¨      Noise reduction of Jumbo mounted percussive drills Phase II - Development of Noise Treatment

¨      Noise Reduction of Jumbo Mounted Percussive Drills Phase I - Noise and Usage Survey

¨      Noise sensitivity, annoyance and noise protection                                                                                                     

¨      Noise status in phosphatic fertilizer Project of Pyrites Phosphates and Chemical Limited (PPCL), Amjhore

¨      Noise test report : Handheld Pneumatic Rotary Drill

¨      Noise vibration and air blast problems due to mining health and environment picture in a mining settlement in Jharia coalfield.

¨      Noise-Management Perspective with Special Reference to SAIL Mines

¨      Novel initiation for eco-friendly blasting                                                                                                            

¨      Occupational noise exposure and hearing damage                                                                                                        

¨      Occupational noise problems in developing countries                                                                                                   

¨      Opencast Blasting and the Environment

¨      Optimal Blast Design - A New Approach                                                                                                                

¨      Optimization of Blast Design Parameters at Sonepur Bazari Opencast Project

¨      Quantitative vibration evaluation of modified rock drill handles

¨      Recent advances in blasting                                                                                                                          

¨      Some incorrect problems in ground movement theory                                                                                                      

¨      Some useful observations on the prediction of blasting vibrations

¨      Specifying a general criterion for hearing protectors with the aim of ensuring good acoustic perception

¨      Studies on Ground Vibration due to eco-friendly blasting operations -  a case study

¨      Studies on Noise Pollution in Meghatuburu Iron Ore and Sayal Coal Mines

¨      Study of blast induced ground vibration                                                                                                               

¨      Suppression of Noise by Solid State Plasma Shield

¨      Surface mining and environmental noise data acquisition and analyses

¨      The coal industry and the ultimate in Noise

¨      The Effect of Noise on Hearing Acuity with Respect to the Workers of Coal Washeries

¨      The effects of underground environment and loading conditions on noise levels of coal mining equipment

¨      Vehicular Traffic Noise on National and State Highways - A Case Study

¨      Vibration control in an opencast mine based on improved blast vibration prediction.

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