Hindu College is run by the Hindu Educational Society which comprises a number of philanthropic and enthusiastic citizens of the town. Hindu college was established in 1911 as a Middle school, in 1916 it was upgraded in High school and latter in 1937 it was converted into Intermediate College. In 1949 and 1950 it was recognized as Degree and P.G. College, respectively. Till 1960 B.Sc., M.Sc. (Maths) and B.Ed. classes were functioning, after that in 1961 courses of Art Faculty was established at under graduate level. In the succeeding years following courses were started at Post Graduate level.  
     Hindu college has successfully completed 59 years of its establishment. The college is recognized as the best among all the colleges in U.P. by the government of Uttar Pradesh during the session 1984-85. The college was visited by learned persons of international repute during various international and national Seminars/Workshops organized by this institute. The college was started with full zeal and enthusiasm and the spirit is continued. In the present scenario of fast development of global technology and advancement in education system in various countries it is imperative that all college students should have a firm education in science and humanities so that they can face the challenges of modern technology embracing the daily life. The students coming out from various schools required various courses for entering in jobs. In general they need higher education in both graduate and postgraduate level. Our aim is to make students capable in all respects so that they can effectively accept the challenges and participate in the national development. But on the other hand the population entering in the higher education is only 8% of the total population of India. Hence preparation of students for seeking higher education is very important, so our duty is to create more opportunities for higher education by running various professional courses. In the past years college students have achieved positions in the university and the pass percentage is increasing every year.