The Hindman Halloween Story

Join me and my family as we go stone by stone in creating the ultimate haunt!

I have always been a Halloween ghoul, see my birthday lands the day before on October 30th, little did my parents know they gave birth to a real little monster. The world of Halloween in it's dark and horrifying state is home to me. I find comfort being surrounded by creepy boogeymen, vampires and witches, they are my aunts and uncles, oh and I can't forget Scruffy the Werewolf.
I have always wanted to run my own haunt, I volunteered at a local haunted attraction for two years on the second year I had a room, the old grown cemetary in the woods, my room made the local newspaper as the best room of the house that year. Now I want to do haunts at my own house and eventually maybe a warehouse, to make it bigger and creepier. What can I say I love hearing people screech in fright as they go through one of our creations, one of our "Hindman Halloween Story's."
I invite you to join me and my family on this journey, here I will share the stumbles, missteps, and scaries we encounter every year on our journey to create the ultimate haunt.