The Hindenburg has flown!

You missed it! But it may fly again in the future - who knows? In the meantime, I'll leave this page here as a reminder of a great larp experience.

It's the 1930s, and you are a guest aboard the airship Hindenburg, the largest aircraft to ever fly. For the airship's premiere flight from New York a special charity gala is being hosted to raise money for local shelters and soup kitchens. Expect gangsters, dashing heroes, Nazis, glamorous stars and much, much more!

The Flight of the Hindenburg is a one-shot larp for up to 66 players. Inspirations include Indiana Jones, The Untouchables, King Kong, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, The Cat's Meow, and of course history itself.

Written character briefings will be provided. Combat will be handled abstractly, by playing paper-scissors-rock, but props are appropriate. Some refreshments will be provided.

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58 / 66 places filled. Characters marked in bold are still available. Character choice is now quite limited, but I'm happy to waitlist people to fill the inevitable gaps when people get sick at the last minute.

The gender ratio is 25 females, 33 males and 8 neutral, but we will cross-cast and change character gender if necessary to fill the game.


30's, but depends on your character. Most costume shops should be able to help. If in doubt, a suit for men and a party dress for women will work.

Note that some characters are Nazis. Please be careful of peoples' sensitivities when costuming for such a character and avoid wearing actual swastikas.


$15. This is an introductory price for new larpers, so there is no NZLARPS discount.


"Flight of the Hindenburg" will be held at:

Vogelmorn Hall
13 Vennell St

Vogelmorn Hall

The number 7 and 29 buses run along Mills Road, and there is a bus-stop at the end of the street.


  • 15 May 2014 - Signup opens
  • 8 June 2014 - preliminary casting
  • 15 June 2014 - character sheets sent


Flight of the Hindenburg was written by the KapCon 2007 larp team: Nasia Alevizos, Katrina Allis, Nick Cole, and Frank Pitt. Additional material by Ryan Paddy, Malcolm Harbrow and Donna Giltrap. Fabulous art deco art by Courtney Parnell. No actual zeppelins were harmed in the production of this larp.