About Me

I received my Ph.D. from Georgia Tech under the advisement of professors Dr. Mary Jean Harrold and Dr. Nancy Nersessian. I did my undergraduate studies in Information Technology from Mumbai University (Thadomal Shahani Engineering College), India, and Masters in Software Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India. 

Before coming to Georgia Tech for my Ph.D., I worked in the software industry for three years.

My Research Interest

I am an ethnographic researcher conducting interdisciplinary research that spans across Software Engineering (SE) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) areas. I have a passion for advancing the software-engineering and information-technology work practice by investigating the human-centered and socio-cultural aspects involved in the practice. I seek to increase the awareness and sensitivity of the interplay of these dynamics with people's everyday work by designing novel technologies, methods, and programs. 

In my dissertation, I have conducted extensive ethnographically-informed field studies of software-testing practitioners in globally distributed teams (i.e., service-oriented settings)  to uncover social, organizational, and cultural patterns (models) that influence their everyday work.  Additionally, based on the notion of cultural cognition, I have designed a novel framework for facilitating cultural studies in global software-engineering context.  

My research is informed from disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and cognitive science; and it contributes to the fields of Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering (CHASE), Global Software Engineering (GSE), and Intercultural and Collaborative Work Practices.