International Symposium on
"Diversity of Chemical Reaction Dynamics"
July 14 ~ 15, 2017, Himeji, Japan

Aim & scope
To understand chemical reaction dynamics, one of the important parameters is a size of molecules. For the last few decades, many scientists have contributed to investigate the chemical reaction dynamics in the diverse fields of molecular sizes: an elementary process of simple diatonic molecules, a chemical reactivity of molecular clusters, and a relation between structures and functionalities for bio-macromolecules. From 2010 onward, the study of chemical reaction dynamics has shown an individual development in each field of molecular sizes. Thus, the time is ripe for discussing the relationship among diverse mechanisms of chemical reaction dynamics.

The international symposium on "Diversity of Chemical Reaction Dynamics" is dedicated to give an opportunity to cover a wide range of chemical reaction dynamics. This symposium is a forum for twelve invited lectures by the forefront researchers from all over the world , as well as contributed poster presentation. The scopes of this symposium include, but not limited to:
    # Elementary reaction dynamics by crossed-beam technique
    # Gas- and liquid-phase reaction dynamics by ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy
    # Reaction dynamics of molecular aggregations and macro-molecules by mass spectrometry and ion mobility
    # Chemical reaction dynamics of molecules on surface
    # Non-adiabatic process of chemical reaction by theory 
We strongly encourage young scientists/students to submit the poster presentation. This session will be a nice opportunity to have a discussion with many scientists in the forefront of researches on chemical reaction dynamics. It would be a great pleasure if young generations enjoy a deep world of chemical reaction dynamics.

Looking forward to meeting you at Himeji.

The organizers of Himeji symposium


「化学反応動力学の多様性に関する国際シンポジウム( International Symposium on "Diversity of Chemical Reaction Dynamics)」では、二原子分子から生体高分子にわたる多様性に富んだ分子サイズ領域を対象とし、これらの階層間での相互作用に基づいて化学反応動力学を議論することを目的とします。













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