Illumina Sequencing Services and Prices


The sequencing  reaction takes place on a flow cell. The MiSeq flow cell consists of one lane. The lane can contain 1 or more samples (see multiplexing) depending the how much coverage is needed for each sample.

For low diversity libraries, we recommend a PhiX spike-in to increase diversity. A typical spike-in is 1% - 5% of the library.


Library Generation

Library Generation prices are dependent on library type, number of samples, and individual project needs. Prices include library generation and library QC. Please contact the Core lab manager for an estimate.


of Cycles* kit         Maximum data output  Price 
 50 V2 750-850 Mb $1,556
 150 V3 3.3-3.8 Gb $1,639
 300 V2 4.5-5.1 Gb $1,779
 500 V2 7.5-8.5 Gb $1,899
 600 V3 13.2-15 Gb $2,299

* Includes cycles for both read 1 and read 2 (if applicable).
**Prices subject to change. Cost for quality control assays not included.

 Read type Kit Maximum # of reads (Million)
 Single V212-15 
 Paired V2 24-30 
 Single V3 22-25
 Paired V3 44-50


Depending on the library generation technique used, anywhere from 2 to 384 individual libraries can be pooled in one lane. Please contact the Core Facility Manager for details.