School Activities

Clubs, Sports and other Activities at Hilsman

July 2014 update: this page will be updated later in the fall semester. 

Hilsman Scholars Institute

Challenge yourself to be the best you can be by participating in the Hilsman Scholars Institute. See the slide show to find out more.

The Hilsman Scholar's Institute is an enrichment program designed to support students in their efforts to strive for academic, personal and community outreach excellence. The purpose of this program isto: develop independence and leadership skills; help students become aware of community and global issues; provide personal satisfaction; and provide interactions with other students.


Check Mrs. Clark's website for enrichment competitions/contests such as:

Hilsman Science Fair - open to all studenst and held the second week of January

DAR Essay

Teachers: Mrs Clark and Mrs. Srivastiva

Math Counts

Contact Mr. Bacchus about joining the Math Counts team. Practise is in the morning starting at 7:10 am. Hilsman has a long history of excellence with this program.

Future Business Leaders of America

This group is for kids interested in careers in business. You can download the application form here.

Academic Team


The Academic Team is open to anyone. The program inspires students to excel academically as well as boost self-confidence and self esteem. It stimulates both a team and competitive spirit. Students use a buzzer system to answer questions related to all areas of the curriculum as well as current events, sports and technology.


We meet on Thursdays after school until 5:15pm except the first week of the month when we meet on Wednesdays.


Lucille Srivastava

Lead Spectrum Teacher





FCCLA will be starting up soon!!  All students who are in FCS or have been in FCS are eligible to join.  The dues will be $15 for the year.  Our first group activity is the Fall Rally in Perry on Oct. 8.  I will be putting together a calendar for students to make them aware of meetings, deadlines, and activities.  If any parents have any old magazines, we would be glad to take them.  FCCLA students will be responsible for the Adopt-A-Class breakfasts once a month and I will need student volunteers to serve for our business partners.  There will be more information to come.


Ashley T. Carter

FCS Teacher

FCCLA Adviser


Geography Club


The Geography Club will use materials from National Geographic to prepare them for the school National Geographic Bee.  The club will meet on Thursday every other week and on the weeks when there is no faculty meeting or content team meeting.  Geography Club will end at 4:30.  Those students who are also in Academic Team will then meet with Lucille Srivastava afterwards.

Sponsors: Mrs Quinn and Mrs. Johns


2010-11 Sports Schedules and Info

The first thing to know is who the coach is and then how to become eligible to participate.

Coaches  for 2010 - 2011 are:

Aaron Freeman-Football

Eric Blake- Cross Country

Tracy Adams- Girl’s Basketball

Jessie Collins- Assist. Girl’s Basketball

Dennis Willis-Basketball (Boy’s)

Janet Micheletti-Volleyball

Joanne Griffith-Track

Eric Perez-Soccer (girl’s and boys’)

Shemeda Favors and Giovanni McDavid- Cheerleading

All Sports Schedules