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Parent Resources

There are many resources to help you understand different aspects of your child's education. The official Clarke County School District site is a good place to start. Some people have trouble figuring things out on that site or don't know what they are looking at or for. We will try to help you with that.

Teacher Contacts

We have a list of teachers with their phone extensions and email addresses. This will be updated as soon as possible. 

Parent Portal

The school district has an internet site called the Parent Portal. Basically, this site lets you look at your child's gradebook. Teachers are supposed to enter all their grades in an electronic gradebook that automatically uploads the grades to the Parent Portal. In order to access this information, you must get a password. To do that you must fill out a form and go in person to your child's school and sign the form. After that, a password and other logon instructions will be emailed to you. If you have more than one child in the school district, you only need to do this for one of them and the others will be linked to the same logon (if you request it on the form). We have two instructional files: Login Instructions and Basic Navigation


Want to know exactly what your children are studying? The school district has now made the standard curriculum available to everyone. Although each teacher has some leeway on what they teach and when, they must cover the whole curriculum for their subject area. Besides the curriculum, they are also adding suggestions for ways that parents can help at home